As we start 2021, your Golf Hack wants to give everyone a gift . . . a look at the alternative golf media that he (and Bogey) has become hooked on over the last couple of years. Let’s face it, golf coverage on the Golf Channel and most network TV just sucks. If you can get past the endless commercials, the drivel spouted by most analysts (yeah, I mean you Sir Nick), and the over-the-top coverage of Tiger, you might get to see some golf shots. However, you seldom get any of the real drama of a tournament.

CBS is the worst in my view. I’m tired of Jim Nance and his breathless comments. And please, don’t get me started on Sir Nick Faldo. NBC is slightly better, but I worry about Golf Channel since they have been taken over by NBC Sports.

Don’t get me wrong, I still watch some of the golf on network TV, but not as much as I used to – it’s too frustrating. I enjoy PGA Tour Live and coverage of special groups much more because at least they often shut up and let me hear some interaction between player and caddie. Luckily, the last few years have seen the rise of some alternative golf media companies whose content has not only enhanced my love of the game, but is actually entertaining.

No Laying Up

First and foremost is “No Laying Up“. Here is the YouTube trailer for there most recent travel series called Tourist Sauce. Oregon is number six (6) in their travel series as they have been to Scotland, Ireland, Australia & New Zealand, California and the Carolinas previously. These are all on YouTube and are well worth watching. Just click on the link for each series.

No Laying Up is golf from the perspective of golf fans who are also analysts. Here is how they describe their franchise – No Laying Up i​s five golf “fanalysts” who host the sport’s leading podcast and produce some of golf’s most influential social media and digital content for a rapidly growing and highly engaged fanbase. This content portfolio includes three original golf travel franchises well as on site PGA & LPGA Tour coverage across the world. The group’s access to top PGA Tour players and entertaining content has engendered a passionate audience and made the brand one of the most relevant in golf. Above all, No Laying Up uses its resources to serve as the voice of the golf fan.

Another really terrific travel series from these guys is called Strapped. In this series, the guys play public golf on a limited budget, meet interesting people and try to score the mega-bonus. They have been to Reno, Peoria, the Northeast, Southern CA, Louisiana, Iowa and Baltimore. I thought the Baltimore trip would be interesting to my local buddies here in Delaware.

No Laying Up (NLU) is Solly, Tron Carter, Big Randy, DJ Pie, and Young Neil. If you subscribe to the Golfers Journal, you can read their origin story here: The Long Way Home (You will need a subscription). Another story is available from NPR from 2017 – Long Shot: Moonlighting Golf Blogger Quits His Day Job Solly, Tron and Big Randy started the company and were college friends. Young Neil is Tron’s brother and left his job a Google to join NLU in 2019. He’s also known as the Merch Czar. DJ Pie was working for the PGA Tour prior to joining NLU.

NLU also produces the “Wild World of Golf” which are matches with professional golfers and the NLU boys in various formats including Alternate Shot, Wolf Hammer, and One Club. It’s a takeoff on the old Wild World of Sports and they are hysterical.

Your Hack also listens to podcasts from NLU throughout the golf season. Their basic pods are published twice a week and include interviews with Pros, tournament previews and wrap-ups, and funny golf discussion. You can listen here or download from the usual podcast sources such as iTunes. Beyond golf, the Big Randy and Tron do a podcast called the Trap Draw which includes interviews, book reviews, travel, grocery store and airport commentary – good stuff.

The Fried Egg

Andy Johnson is the Founder of The Fried Egg. He’s an accomplished amateur player, loves golf architecture and started the Fried Egg to provide golf coverage all in one place. Here is how he describes it:

Golf has a way of turning casual fans into complete tragics. There’s a reason for that. It’s a complex, confounding, endlessly alluring game. The Fried Egg is where golf tragics unite to delve deeper into the game. It’s a newsletter sent every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that gives you all the yolk and none of the shell on golf’s biggest storylines—from major championships to Monday qualifiers. It’s a website with deep dives into golf, its tournaments, and its fields of play. It’s two podcasts that offer insights into today’s golf world and that host some of the most recognizable names in the game, from Tour players to golf course architects. It’s all golf, all the time. Welcome, yolkel. Let’s dig.

I subscribe to his newsletter which comes out 3 times a week and his multiple podcasts. You can get a masterclass in golf course architecture here: The Free Online Library of Golf Course Architecture

No Laying Up and the Fried Egg are just two (2) of the “new” media golf content producers that I love and follow. I’ll write about more in the weeks to come and include some content I subscribe to for wagering on professional golf. I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know your thoughts on golf media coverage.

Keep it in the short grass!

2 thoughts on “Golf Media – My Favorites

  1. I agree wholeheartedly on your issues with golf analysts,especially Nance and Faldo. What jerks!
    You’re also right on about the Tiger coverage. It’s worst when he’s competing. Drives me nuts!
    Enjoyed the comments on NLU and Fried Egg. Looking forward to others you plan to write about.
    Happy New Year to you and Sue…🐸

    Liked by 1 person

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