I’ll Need to See That . . . Thanks.

Golf can be a tough game as the stakes get higher.  Putts that would be given in a simple $5 Nassau are suddenly met by silence from your opponents.  This phenomena was never more on display than Sunday at the Creek when I played a game of  Wolf with my boys – Dave, Steve and Mike.  Our Assistant Pro Ryan played along  . . . and here they are:img_2406

It was a nice day in the low 50’s but the winds gusted 20-25 MPH making scoring tough.  I ended up shooting 79 and losing money in the Wolf game and coming up bust in Skins.  I can thank my putting and short game once again – 38 putts when hitting 13 of 18 greens does not make for a good score.  Also – no birdies = no Skins.

But back to the Wolf game.  In our version, each hole is worth a designated amount of money and each player tees off in rotation, with  . .  . blah, blah [For a description and full version of the rules of the game click here – Wolf Rules.]  I’ll just say it was Chi Chi’s favorite betting game.

What I love about Wolf is that your partner on one hole can become your opponent on the next or you can go against all of the other players should you choose.  It’s a game of strategy and skill – both betting and playing.

Early in the match, one of our players elected not to give a putt to the opposing team that was easily makable and that set the tone for the rest of the day.  After a series of “you can just put a flat mark on that one” or “I’ll need to see you finish that one’, we came to the 16th hole fairly even.  #16 at Cripple Creek is a good par 3 and was playing about 205 downwind to a back pin.  I hit a 4 iron on to the green to about 35 feet and none of the other players hit the green.  Unfortunately, Mike and I were partners on that hole and both Steve and Dave stroked (they had doubled the bet on the tee because they stroked)  Each of the guys played nice chips leaving Steve about 6 feet for par, net birdie and Dave about 8 feet for the same.  I had hit my putt to about 2-3 feet and was waiting for Steve and Dave.  They both missed, making net pars which meant I just had to tap in to halve the hole and it was a wash.  ‘I think we’ll need to see that.” said Steve and I promptly missed.

Going “Lone Wolf” against the other 3 players on #17 – a long par 5 – was my only chance to get back to even so that’s what I did.  Made par, but so did Dave – another wash.  And, another fun day at Cripple Creek with my boys.  Looking forward to our next game.

For anyone interested, here is a link to my scorecard:  Jeff’s Scorecard

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