How to Shoot 75 and Lose at Wolf

Yesterday was in the 50’s and partly sunny – a beautiful day at the Creek to play some golf with the boys. After starting the year slowly, I was looking forward to a better day of ball striking and putting; especially putting.  Things don’t always work out the way you plan them.

Putting remains an issue (37 putts for the day), but ball striking was pretty solid (12 of 14 fairways & 14 of 18 greens).  Here is my card if you are interested:  Jeff’s Card

However, in a game of Wolf that doesn’t always mean you’ll do well.

The game was with Mike, Dave and Ryan and we ended the farm 9 fairly close – I was up 8 units and Ryan was down 8 with Dave and Mike with 0.  (I’m using units because the dollar amounts are all relative and don’t really need to be disclosed.)

The real action started on the par 3 – 13th hole.  I went Wolf after leading off and hitting a  PW to 12 feet, automatically doubling the bet to 2X.  After Mike and Ryan both missed the green, Dave hit his wedge to about 15 feet and they doubled the bet to 4X – I should have waited.  Dave calmly knocked in the birdie and I missed the hole with a very “wishful” putt – I’m now down 4X to each of the 3 of them.

No real action on the next two (2) holes so we move to #17 – the #1 handicap hole at the Creek – a long Par 5.  Needing to dig myself out of a whole, I went Wolf on the tee box before I hit – tripling the bet (3X).  As we were hitting our approach shots to the green, Mike was out of the hole, Dave knocked to to about 20 feet and Ryan to about 25 feet – they doubled, making the bet 6X.  I had 9 iron into the green and hit to about 15 feet below the hole with a straight putt up the hill – I tripled making the be 12X.

Ryan just missed and I mean JUST missed his birdie putt and Dave was short to the low side.  As I lined up my putt, thinking this would completely erase the deficit and actually put me ahead in the game, I smiled and then hit a weak little tweaker that didn’t even get to the hole – no blood and I’m still down.

It started getting a little colder and windy as we arrived on the 18th tee.  Dave and Mike both got strokes, but I decided to play for it all and go Wolf again from the tee making the bet 3X.  After hitting a good drive, I only had 165 pin from the first cut.  I hit a slightly heavy 6-iron short of the pin in the closely mown area, but I would putt.  Dave made a 5 for a net 4 and they doubled.

When I said I would putt, I didn’t mean I could putt – I obvious cannot at the present time.  I knocked the first putt about 8 feet past the hole and missed the next to lose the hole.  Fun times at the Creek.

I’ll be back but not for a little while as the weather does not look good for the next few days.


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