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A Little Wolf Before The Teeth of the Dog

The weather has been pretty cold and wet for the past couple of weeks and I haven’t gotten out to play until yesterday (Saturday, 1-19-19).img_2431  Mike, Dave, Steve and I braved cloudy and low 40’s temps to get in a game of Wolf before our trip to Casa de Campo (more on that later).

The range was bleak as our only practice had been at 24 X 7 Golf in Millville using the simulator.  The course was still a bit soggy and we had to use the mats to warm up.

It was our usual Wolf Game and I did a little better than last time shooting 75 with a double and 3 bogeys.  I was up 14X after the front nine and ended up 16X overall.  Putting is still an issue and I ran out of gas on the last two (2) holes – limping home with a double on 17 (water ball) and a bogey on 18 (missed 6 footer).  Click here for my scorecard if interested (Jeff’s Card)

My highlight of the day was number 4.  I went Wolf (doubling the value of that hole) based on what I thought was a good drive.  It was me against the other three (3) players and they doubled on the tee, knowing that my drive had caught the trees on the left and fell short – I should have paid more attention on the tee.

Finding my ball in the rough, I realized the only shot was to hook a 5 iron around a stand of trees to leave myself with a decent shot to the par 5.  I hit what I thought was a great shot, but it was pulled slightly and caught a branch dropping in the fairway about 240 from the green.  Steve and Mike were throwing up on themselves hitting it everywhere, but Dave had roped a good drive and laid up to about 120 out in the fairway.  My shot for the green was mis-hit short and right and Dave hit a beautiful wedge to about 4 1/2 feet from the pin – I was in trouble.

Here is where the beauty of golf surfaced, as I hit a short wedge stiff for par.  Although Dave still had the short putt for birdie, I was resigned that I had made the best score possible after the mistakes made.  Amazingly, Dave decided at that moment to go brain dead and missed the short putt – a push for my Wolf gambit.  Although Dave’s miss was characteristic of his sometimes balky putter, I think Steve talking through his stroke may have been a factor – yeah, it was a factor all right.  Thanks Steve.

The rest of the match was lackluster – everybody hit some good shots and missed some big putts.  Overall, someone went Wolf 4 times and each time was a push.  All we talked about was our trip to Casa and how much fun we are expecting.

We leave Monday morning for the Dominican Republic and the Casa de Campo Resort, home of Pete Dye’s famous Teeth of the Dog.  We have 10 golfers playing for 6 straight days.  There will be an overall Stableford contest for the week and individual two (2) man matches and skins for daily money.  My plan is to update the blog daily and hopefully include some video – stay tuned.


The Latin America Amateur is being played on the Tee of the Dog currently.  The picture on the left is from today’s TV coverage of the final round.  They are playing the course with the Nine’s reversed so this is really the 6th hole.

The TV coverage has been on ESPN2 this week and they are saying the course is in incredible condition, but that the greens are somewhat softer than normal.  Weather looks to be perfect – mid-80″s and sunny most days with only a couple of days being partly cloudy.  I’m bringing plenty of suntan lotion!  It’s going to be awesome.

My hope is that I can convince our usual Wolf foursome to play a game of Wolf Hammer at least one day.  Wolf Hammer is the most dangerous game in golf – check it out . . .





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