We teed it up Thursday Morning to begin the 3-day Stableford Tourney in Casa De Campo.  With 10 players on the trip, the top 4 players based on their final position in relation to their quota will get paid.  A player’s quota of points each day is 36 minus the player’s handicap.  My quota is 33 points daily.

The Teeth was severely over-booked by the resort and the round lasted almost 5 hours with long waits on each shot.  Most of the par 3’s had 2 or 3 groups backed up.  Even with that, I played well until the last hole – more on that later.

I was paired with Dave and my buddy Tim from Florida.  Tim has a very steady game and came into the tournament carrying a 7 handicap.  Dave is an 11 and is generally a solid player, although his putting can be questionable at times.  And, as you all should now by now, my game is in disarray.  With not enough money on the line in Stableford, we decided to play a little game of 9 Points or Baseball (Just to add to the pressure).

The day started with lipped out birdie putts on the first two holes, followed by a 3-putt bogey on Hole #3.  Tim also had a par on the first, but then went double bogey, bogey.  Dave had a tough start going double bogey, double bogey, but then made par on the 3rd with a stroke and collected all 9 points because he beat both of us by 2 shots.

Things calmed down a bit for the remainder of the front 9 but I added 3 more bogeys to make the turn in 40.  Tim shot 42 and Dave shot 45, but equaled my 9 point total with his strokes.

Sitting on the 10th tee with 14 Stableford points, I needed to get things moving to keep myself in good position in the tournament.  (Remember, I need 33 points just to stay even).  The 10th hole is a short par 4 and we all hit good drives in the middle right of the fairway.  My opponents both missed the green and I hit a sand wedge to about 15 feet and made the putt – taking all 9 points in our match for the second time of the day.

Dave and I played steady for the rest of the back nine, while Tim struggled and ended up shooting 44 for an 86 total.  Dave made par on 4 of the last 5 holes to come in at 43 for an 88 total.  I came into the 18th only 1 over on the back, but hit my drive right – behind a tree.  Trying the miracle shot – a big slice around the tree – led to a double bogey and a back nine 38.  Disappointing, but my 78 was my best round of the week so far and I added 18 more points to total 32 which was only 1 under my quota – good enough to stay in the mix.

Stableford Summary Day 1 – Score Vs Quota

  • Phil +4
  • Shaun +2
  • Chris -1
  • Jeff – 1
  • Dave -5
  • Steve -5
  • Tim -5

I didn’t;t get scores from Ray, Mike or Tom as of this writing.


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