Travel day today, but we had planned enough time to get in a final round at the Teeth before catching our shuttle to the Punta Cana airport for our flights home. Well, that’s what was planned . . .

Our group had 3 times at 7:20 and we arrived at 6:50 after a quick breakfast to finally get a warmup prior to play. Fat chance. We were shuffled to the first tee immediately and my threesome (Phil, Shaun and I) were sent to number 10. We were playing 9 point (also called baseball) where 9 points are available on each hole. Phil freaking chips in for birdie on the first hole, I made par and Shaun bogey – 5-3-1 points. On the second hole, Phil hits it to 5 feet and makes birdie again. I push my layup right OB and make double while Shaun makes another bogey. Phil takes all 9 points because he beat both of us by at least 2 shots. Shaun and I are in a hole.img_ead23f364301-1

We blaze around the back nine in 90 minutes with Phil adding another birdie, offset by a bogey and shoots 34. Shaun rights the ship adding a birdie and shooting 39. I add another double and shoot 42. We head to the first tee with Shaun and I thinking we need to shoot lights out to get back to even, unfortunately we came to a dead stop. The starter informs us that we have at least a 45 minute wait. The course was over-booked again and the cross-over was for shit. We wait knowing we are no going to finish the round in time to make out airport shuttle – thanks Casa 🤨img_2535

Shaun and Deana had an early shuttle and we only got 6 holes in on the front. Phil made a birdie, offset by a bad bogey; while Shaun added a bogey to my 2 bogeys. Your friend Jeff ends up paying Phil and Shaun and we headed in disappointed that we could t finish our final round.

The golf was over. Huge shoutout to our caddies Soni and Lionel – they made the rounds fun as they guided, cajoled, and encouraged us through the week. Prayers for Lionel’s wife who was suddenly taken to the hospital on Friday with abdominal pain – he had to work Saturday to be able to pay medical bills.

The other groups started on the front and were able to get their rounds completed with only a small delay at the turn. We all met for lunch after checking out and piled into the shuttle for the ride to the airport.img_2537

The flight went smoothly, Customs in the US was fine – shoutout to the Mobile Pass app for iPhone! After a 2 hour drive from BWI to the beach, I arrived home to our little Bogey, wagging her tail and jumping for joy. She loved that my youngest son Will stayed at the house and took care of her for the week, but was clearly anxious for her Dad. Sue gets home from Colorado Wednesday night – can’t wait for that reunion.

The trip was awesome, but it feels great to be home. The weather looks ok for Wednesday, so we might get a round in, but the rest of the week doesn’t look good for golf. We’ll see.

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