Today was a blessing and a curse. It’s February 5th and the temperature got up to 63. It was time for golf – our first round since the trip to Casa. (read about the trip) That was the blessing. The curse is that I found out I’m not as calm in a match as I thought I was.

Ok, it’s winter golf here in DelMarVa and the greens are hairy and bumpy. We are playing in front of the tees on all of the Par 3’s (thanks Greens Committee 🤨) and we have a couple of temporary greens. Not really the conditions you would want ( I hit nothing more than a sand wedge to all of the Par 3’s).

We played preferred lies everywhere as the course was soaked after the recent snow melt. Placing your ball is great, but it’s not really “Golf”.

What’s in My Bag – Are They Ready for Today?

So today was not really about score, it was about the bet – a little game of Wolf with Steve, David, and Mike and a five way Skins Game adding in our assistant pro, Ryan. I still haven’t been able to talk these guys into playing Wolf Hammer! Maybe they’ll man up one day.

The front nine was pretty calm, with the most exciting action on #7 where we all hit wedges to within 20 feet. Mike and I were partner and the bet was doubled after we both missed our birdie putts. Dave was closest to the hole and had a putt to win the double.

Here’s what happened

When we made the turn, things got more interesting. I went Wolf on #12 knocking a wedge to about 8 feet for birdie. I made the putt and tripled the bet with both Dave and Steve having birdie putts to halve. Dave missed but Steve made – no blood. Steve hit a great shot into #13 (a Par 3) and went Wolf. Unfortunately (for him) he missed the birdie put and was halved.

The shit hit the fan on #17, our longest Par 5. I went Wolf before I hit ( I was the biggest loser at this point) which tripled the bet.   Safe drive and my opponents we OK but not great.  I was above the pin about 5 feet off the green in 3 and Steve and Mike were out of the hole after rinsing shots into the water.  Dave was on the green, above the hole, but lying 4.  Dave 3-putts and I had about 5 feet left for par – so 2 putts to win the hole and dig myself out of the hole I was in.  I pushed the putt right and was about 10-12 inches below the hole and waiting for my opponents to concede.

I should have just waited, but I went up to the putt and slapped it toward the hole assuming it had been conceded.  It missed and Steve and Dave were in an uproar.  Pissed off that they had not conceded the putt right away, I threw a tantrum and ultimately regretted it right away.  Like I said, I should have waited.  We’d been giving each other grief all day about short putts and this way payback.

On the next tee, after the usual back and forth bullshit that guys do, we all agreed that from now on, all putts will be putt out – no gimmies.  I regret acting like an idiot – I’m old enough to keep myself under control and these guys are my best friends.

So, I broke even for the day – my winning in the Wolf game offset the loss in the Skins game.  Lesson learned – be a grown-up when you play golf.

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