We had six (6) players today and went off in threesomes around noon with cloudy skies and temps in the 50’s. And yeah, THAT GUY took home some cash. . .

Steve and I went off in the first group with Matt (Pip). Pip is a solid player, 5 or 6 handicap, but his business and family responsibilities have kept him off the course for a while. Today was his first appearance in 2019 and he played well.

We had a bunch of different bets going on today. Pip, Steve, and I took on Dave, Dewey, and Mark (another 1st timer for the blog), playing best 2 of 3 net. All of us also kicked in $5 for skins and my threesome also played 9 point. You can’t have too many bets flying when you’re playing golf.

Pip and I had a steady start while Steve struggled on the front. I was even until a 3-jacked 6th hole. After another bogey on #8, I finished the front in 37. Pip carded a 40 with 2 doubles and a birdie, while Steve posted a smooth +10 on the front. We were even as a team in the 2 of 3 match and I was slightly up in the 9 point bet.

Try as we might, my team just could not get under par on the back, even with my birdie on #12 and Pip’s on #14. We finally got the team score to -1 after Steve made a nice birdie on #16 and Pip and I each made par. On the 17th tee we met up with our opponents who were teeing off on #15. They stood at -2 and we on a short par 4 where both Dave and Mark got shots. Our chances did not seem too strong to say the least.

You need to remember that the final three (3) holes at Cripple Creek are a tough close. In fact, both Pip and I bogeyed #17 and #18. However, Steve went par/par with strokes on each and we ended the round at -3. We all agreed that it was probably short of winning the match. Pip and Steve both shot 37 on the back and I came in at 40, going 4 over on the last 4 holes to limp in.

Post Round Watching the AT&T

Pip took money on the 9 Point match from both Steve and I.

We sat in the bar watching our opponents come down 18 thinking we’d lost the match. Little did we know that they played the last 3 holes in even par net and didn’t improve on the -2 score they’d had on #15. We’d won the match by 1 shot. Steve and Pip each took two (2) skins while my birdie on #12 got cut. Mark, Dave and Dewey each had one skin clear.

The Green’s Staff finally had time to cut and roll the greens, but my short game continues to be a source of irritation. Another 34 putt round and I only got up and down for par twice in 6 attempts. I’m hitting the ball well, just have to continue to work on the short game – Spring will come eventually.

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