When you play golf, rain is not your friend. When you live in coastal Delaware and it’s winter, rain is definitely not your friend . And, when it seems to have rained almost daily this winter, you’re ready to go crazy (if you haven’t already!)

So what do you do when you haven’t played a regular round since last Sunday?

On Friday, I had some hope of a game, but my regular crew is in Las Vegas on a golf trip and Cripple Creek was soaking wet. I thought I had a playing partner for an afternoon round, but he came down sick – I was a solo. Given the temperature, the wet course, and my single status, I decided to practice.

Speaking of my regular partners, here they are last Wednesday in Vegas playing Cascata Golf Club. Evidently the weather was a little cold and they actually got some snow later that night and the next day. Maybe I did the right thing by missing the trip.

That aside, I have a Member Guest coming up in 2 weeks in Fort Myers and I need to get my game in shape. My friend John Pearson invited me to play again at Fiddlesticks Country Club. John has had me as a partner twice before and we actually won our flight a couple years ago. I can’t let him down 🤔

Fiddlesticks is longer than Cripple Creek, so I decided to get some practice in from the Tips. I walked, carrying 10 clubs, and played two (2) balls on each hole, tracking my best score and worst score. Carrying fewer clubs not only lightens the load when you carry, but it forces you to play different shots – 3/4 swings, high soft fades, and long running stingers to compensate for leaving the 4-6-8 irons and the 56 degree wedge out of the bag.

I was generally happy with the shot making, but my short game and putting continues to need work. I was +3 with my best ball (see card below), but +7 using the worst ball on each hole. Too many bogeys, especially for 9 holes of practice.

Score Card via Golf Shot App

As I write this on Saturday, it’s raining again and The forecast is for it to continue overnight into tomorrow, although the temperature is supposed to warm up Sunday. Doubt we’ll get any golf in though, so I’m stuck with watching the WGC Mexico and hoping my bets come through. I did win a bit on Rory as the first round leader and my Draft Kings line-ups are currently holding their own. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I don’t have DJ or Rory to win overall and that’s what it looking like as of late Saturday.

One more round to go though and you have to be optimistic, right? Otherwise, it might just rain.

4 thoughts on “I’m Tired of This Constant Rain

  1. You’re right about the wet weather. I had a momentary thought of hitting balls today, but the rainy conditions convinced me to watch Dustin crush the field in the WGC. He made one very poor decision when he double bogeyed but clearly he showed us he’s the best at this time.Frog


  2. Jeff, I was thinking of driving down and right back tomorrow from DC but the weather doesn’t look very good. If it changes I will text you.


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