I took a new approach to my golf yesterday. The weather continued to get warmer, but the wind was blowing. 15-20mph on the first 9 and 20+ after we made the turn. It was time to think about just hitting shots and not the score. Not really deep thinking, but I’m feeling I’ve become too focused on my score and needed to “free it up.” How’d it work out?

We started on #10 again and I played the modified tees, while my playing partners used the regular tees. The Club is starting play on #10 to give the Greens crew time and space to continue working on #4’s drainage. Hopefully, this is completed soon and we can get back to playing the course from #1 and eliminate the temporary greens sitting in the middle of the fairway on both #4 and #14 – two of our three par 5’s! Most rounds we just skip these holes and we did that yesterday.

It was just three of us going out – Glen Hudson and Fran DiNuzzo. Fran come down just for the day and hasn’t been able to play much this winter as he’s still working. With three, we play 9 point. [Refresher: there are 9 points available each hole, so if all tie, each player gets 3 points. If there is a birdie, a par and a bogey, then the low score gets 5 points, the middle score gets 3 and the high score gets 1 point. Each point has a monetary value and most points wins.] Glen is playing with a 10 handicap and Fran a 13.

So, how did it work out just “hitting shots”? A birdie on the first, followed by 4 pars was a good start. After failing to get up and down on #16, I made par on #17, but 3 putted #18 for bogey – 1 over for the 8 holes we played on the first nine. I didn’t get upset by the 3 putt, but I did notice something that happens often in my game.

Looking back to #8 From #9 Tee

I tend to make a mess of things after I hit a really good shot! On #18 – a fairly long par 4 – I hit my drive right and was blacked by several trees. The only shot was a low, cutting 5 iron around the trees that would ride the left to right wind and bounce onto the green. Miraculously, I pulled off the shot and the ball ran to about 15-18 feet from the pin. I then promptly made the 3 putt.

On the second nine, the same thing happened on #8. I hit a nice drive from the back tee into the fairway about 185 from the pin. This is the hardest tee shot on the course from the back tee and I pulled it off. Felling good over the next shot, I proceeded to hit it right either out of bounds or into the lake – I couldn’t see where it ended.

I don’t know why this happens or even if it happens often, but it bears watching. I need to make myself be more careful and just play in these situations. Maybe it is the result of think too much about making a score instead of just playing the shot in front of me. We’ll see what happens the next time out.

We ended up playing in about 2 1/2 hours – great pace. The 9 point match ended with Glen and I tied and Fran losing a very small amount to both of us. The different tees and the handicaps worked as they should.

Its Players Championship weekend on the pro tour and I’m sure I’ll be glued to coverage Saturday and Sunday, but I have a date for a game of Wolf this afternoon at the Creek. More about that later.

Here are the upcoming tournaments and events on my golf calendar:

  1. March 22-24: Tour on the Shore season opener @ Bay Creek in Cape Charles, VA
  2. March 29: Rules of Golf seminar @ Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club
  3. April 27-28: The Hootie @ Cripple Creek

Thanks for the continued support with comments and likes here and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’ve gotten some good feedback on the blog and invite as many comments and shares as possible.

4 thoughts on “Just Hit Shots

  1. Jeff sounds for the most part your tee shots and long irons are working, but (saying the obvious) seems you might want to practice putting and avoid the 3 putts!

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