Have you missed Strokes Gained Retired?  It’s been almost a month since I was heading to the Tour on the Shore opener at Bay Creek in Cape Charles, VA ready for the first big tournament of the year.  I got the practice round in that Friday and never played the weekend.  In fact, I’ve only played a few rounds of casual golf over the past month.  Sometimes life just comes at you from all sides at once.  We (Sue & I) been through a series of personal and family issues that have basically sidelined everything else so that we could focus on more important things.  With that, I’m happy to say that we’re back and optimistic about the future.  There’s still stuff going on on – as there is with every family – but it seems the worst is over.  

Speaking of being back – how about the Big Cat?  One Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods has won the 2019 Masters for his 5th Green Jacket and 15th major championship.  His victory came 11 years since his last major (the 2008 US Open) and 14 years since his last Master’s victory (2005).  It is absolutely remarkable to me that he has been able to come back from the medical and personal issues he’s faced over the past number of years and win another major with a fused back and a swing that looks almost as good as it did in his prime.  He’s 43 – you can only wonder what lies ahead.

I was glued to coverage on TV, the radio and via the incredible Master’s app from Thursday through Sunday.  [Time for a confession – I had a bet on tiger to win a major in 2019 at 10-1 odds from last summer (sweet!!!).]  But this didn’t stop me from getting out to play on Master’s Sunday at our club.IMG_2681

I didn’t want to miss the coverage so I took my iPad and Verizon hotspot and set up the cart for viewing.  I have to say it was awesome and we finished the round in time for me to watch the final 4 holes in the bar at Cripple Creek.

Tiger’s win was very emotional for me and I’ll confess that tears formed in my eyes when he hugged his kids after walking (or floating?) off the 18th green.  And, it was cool to see the younger players waiting to congratulate him.  Many of them had said how they wanted to be able to compete with a healthy Tiger.  Well, now that he’s got his game and has nothing left to prove, they might regret those comments.

Or, maybe the tears that were forming as I watched were from thinking about the state of my game.  You see, I shot 79 and had FIVE 3-putts and two balls in the water.

I’m back 🙂


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