Stuck In A Rut

Sometimes golf can take you to unbelievable highs, but mostly it knee-caps you off that higher precipice. You can make 2 or 3 birdies in a row and be sitting in the fairway with wedge in your hand, licking your chops, and then walk off the green with a double. That’s GOLF as a friend of mine would say. That’s a recurring nightmare I would say.

Lately however, I seem to be stuck in a rut. I’ve played eight (8) times in October and shot between 76 and 79 six (6) times. I did shoot 74 mid-month, but also posted an 81. I guess the range is reasonable given my current index of 5.0, but I can look back on every round and see where I’ve gotten things going only to be knocked down a peg by an untimely double, a 3-putt, or a big right miss OB. Gotta clean that up.

Today is our Closing Day (officially) Member/Member Tournament at Cripple Creek. I’ll post a write-up tomorrow, but let’s talk about yesterday’s round. We had 16 guys in our group for our regular Friday afternoon match. I was teamed with Nooch, Mr. Robel’, and the Sheriff (Glenn Hudson) and we were playing 1 gross/2 net team score against the other 3 groups. Somewhere around even to 2-under is a good score in this game.

We finished the front 2-under and felt reasonably happy with our position. Mr. Robel’ and I both shot 37 on the front, Nooch had his typical issues with our lush rough and the Sheriff was steady. On the back nine, Nooch began hitting fairways with a passion and the Sheriff decided that his putter really did work as intended. While Mr. Robel & I added a birdie here and there, our other partners provided the sauce and we ended the round 6-under – good enough to beat the field and take the money. The other teams ended at 2-under, 2-over and 10-over.

I posted another 78 which featured 2 birdies, 2 vicious lip-out birdie puts, and a chip-in on 18. Unfortunately, it also featured 2 missed four footers, a 3 put, and 2 balls blown way right into hazards. The driver remains an issue as I only hit 3 fairways. However, 30 putts were better than my “normal” 34-36 putts per round.

As I said earlier, the Closing Day Member/Member Tournament is today. The Sheriff is my partner and we lost by one last year. This year will be different I think. I’m planning to hit 3-wood off more tees to find the fairway – we’ll see how it goes.

Watch for a tournament summary tomorrow and note that I will be blogging during my 100 Hole Hike on Monday – stay tuned.

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