5:40 PM. We just finished our 100th hole. Done, we did it! Almost 12 hours later, 50,000+ steps and a 24 mile walk. That’s a lot of walking. My feet still hurt.

10:50. Just finished our 45th hole and the legs are getting tired. Nothing worse than bogey yet so that’s something.

8:45we are playing our 29th hole. Going strong and almost 1/3 complete

7:10 am – on our 17th hole- finally have some light. We played #3 15 times in the dark

4:45 AM: It’s go time. Having a cup of coffee and hoping the course is not closed because of the rain yesterday and overnight. Heading to the club in an hour.

October 25, 2020 –

My 100 Hole Hike starts tomorrow at 6:00 AM at Cripple Creek. Together we’ve raised $5,785 for Youth on Course. If you would like to add to the total – click here: Jeff’s 100 Hole Hike

I’ll be joined by Laura Heien, Executive Director of the DSGA, and Andy Hewitt, UMES PGA School student and Assistant Pro at Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club. I’ll be live blogging during the day tomorrow and I hope you’ll follow along.

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