Our team shot 57 gross/50 net to take the win in the CFAC tournament. Well, not really the win, because another team shot 55 gross. First place net is never a win in your Hack’s book. More on that later . . . .

On October 28th, the 7th Annual Contractors for a Cause (CFAC) golf tournament was held at Ocean City Golf Club. The scramble event kicked off with a 9AM shotgun start. The event benefits the Justin Jennings Foundation, which operates Justin’s Beach House, and the Believe in Tomorrow Children’s Foundation and other CFAC causes and programs. This year’s event was held jointly between the Delaware and Maryland chapters of the CFAC.

Event Flyer

This year, I was honored to be invited by one of Delaware’s best real estate agents, Allison Stine. Allison put together an impressive real estate team, including Wayne Lyons, long-time Bethany Beach realtor, Will Makowski, a true rising star in the Lewes real estate game, and Pat McRae, a young loan officer and stud golfer (+2 handicap) and your Golf Hack. The format was a scramble and we had over 200 players spread over the two (2) courses at Ocean City Golf. We were lucky to be assigned to Newport Bay, my favorite of the two.

Your Dream Team

All the players gathered in front of the club’s scoreboard for instructions from Buddy Sass – Ocean City’s head professional. Our old friend Brett Marshall, PGA was also getting things organized. With 200 players, we were told to expect a long day due to the size of the field and the “cart path only” condition.

Ocean City Golf Score Board
“Senator” Mike Cummings of Miken Builders

Play started for us on #4, a short par 4 on which we unfortunately made par – not a great start in a scramble. Birdies on the next 3 holes however, got us going. Our pal, Steve Menz of the A Game Golf Academy, was standing on tee of the par 3 7th hole offering a betting game in which the foursome could use his shot on the hole, or you would win some cash if a player hit it closer than the pro. We didn’t and had to use Steve’s shot – the only one to hit the green. Thanks Steve.

On the par 5 9th hole, Pat hit a towering 6 iron to 8 feet for eagle which we converted. Moving over to the back 9, Pat drove the par 4 10th – another eagle. See the pattern here? Pat hits his driver 30-50 yards past me. Your Hack can get it out there about 270-280 at times, but our stud partner routinely hit 300-320 yard drives – it was awesome to see.

Our Realtor boys – Will and Wayne – hit some good shots and sank a couple of putts for us, but mostly spent the day on the phone. The real estate market is busy. The did bring a key assets to the team however as each only plays once a year and carry 36 handicaps.

Our Realtor Boys – Will Makowski (L) and Wayne Lyons (R)

My shot of the day was on the par 5, 12th hole. Pat put us about 190 out, but we had to carry a large tree and water to reach the green in two and have a chance for eagle. While Wayne and Will sat in the cart on the phone (again!), I hit a hit a high fade with my 3 hybrid, around the tree and over the water to about 18 feet. Your Hack was really proud of himself until Pat hit the same shot with his 5 iron to 12 feet! Another eagle.

As is typical in these scramble tournaments, one of the par 3’s had a beautiful truck sitting by the tee – the prize for a hole in one. I missed the green left – about 25 feet from the hole. Will and Wayne also missed, but Pat hit a towering iron that covered the flag the whole way. We could feel the angst in the heart of the car dealer standing near the green as a witness. It landed this close.

Just missed it – ball mark was inches from the hole.

Even though the witness told us it was the closest shot of the day, we couldn’t convince him to just say to went in. Pat, undeterred, went on win the long drive contest on the very next hole. He only knocked it 38 years past your Hack.

The day ended with another routine birdie on our final hole and we finished 15 under par – shooting 57 as a team. Our team handicap of 7, reduced our net score to 50. As I said earlier, it was enough to win the Low Net prize by 2 shots.

A Win – But Not Really a Win

Your Hack loves tournament golf, but a Net win is never satisfactory. I love to compete with gross scores – see our victory in the Cripple Creek Member Member Tournament – and winning the net prize is like getting to drive a hot rod on a 25 MPH road. Still, we cashed $100 in pro shop merchandise so there’s that.

Thanks Again Allison – Happy Winners

All in all, it was a terrific day!

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