Hootie 2020 – It’s Coming Next Weekend

What is the Hootie you ask? It is one of our “majors”, held annually opposite The Masters Tournament. Because of Covid-19 both our Hootie and the Masters were delayed from April. Can’t wait …

The Draw Party for The Hootie took place last night and I’m pleased to have Tom Hunsberger as my partner. We have 18 2-man teams playing next weekend to determine the 2020 champions.

The Drawn Pairings for 2020

If you’d like to read a short history of the Hootie, click here: The Hootie – A Short History

Last Year’s Player Cap

You can also read about the 2019 Tournament here:

2019 Hootie Summary

Keep and eye out for a summary of the 2020 edition to be posted after next weekend’s play. In the interim, I hope you enjoyed last year’s posts.

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