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The Hootie 2020 came to a stunning conclusion yesterday afternoon. The final round was played in absolutely beautiful conditions for early November as the temperature hovered in the high 60’s to low 70’s, the wind was negligible, the sun was shining, and the greens were the best we’ve seen this year. To say they were hard and fast is a bigger understatement than saying this year’s winners played well.

Blistering the field, the course, and reality, the winning team of Glenn Reid and Don Dzedzy posted an astonishing 2nd round of 57, which combined with their opening round score of 66, resulted in a 123 total. They won the event by a remarkable 9 shots over the 2nd place team of Mark Decker and Doug (Councilman) Hudson. These guys only shot 65-65 to LOSE by 7. Amazing!

3rd place was snagged by tournament director Don Boteler and his partner, Joe Donnelly who posted a 132 total. (I have to go back though – 57 is 14 shots under par at Cripple Creek on the fastest greens of the year and some “tucked” pin locations. Crazy.)

The winning teams rounding out the field were: 4th Place – Dillon/Miranda. 5th Place – Connell/Schaffran. 6th Place – Diehl/Dream.

Luckily for your Hack and Hun the Handicap, the event paid eight (8) spots. Our relatively ugly 67 on Sunday got us to 139 (3 under par) and we won the match of cards tiebreaker to secure 8th and take home some cash. I’d like to give a special shoutout to my buddy Mike (Mr. Robel’) Robel, who you’ve heard about in this blog before. Mr. Robel’ and his partner, Neal Leary (pictured below) were able to secure 7th place, shooting 68-69 for a 137 total. Want another dose of astonishment? Mr. Robel’ played Sunday without hitting his back with the club on his follow through – nope, not once!

Leary & Mr. Robel’ on Saturday Morning

We played with Matt Bensen & Simon Stater for the second day in a row. Of course, they were a pleasure to play with and had a real shot at some money, until they both crashed and burned on #17. Both Simon and Matt could do no better than a net double bogey and it took them out of the money by one shot. I guess I should thank them as we picked up four (4) shots over the last 2 holes thanks to this collapse.

Your Hack’s partner improved his play on Sunday, contributing 4 net birdies over the back nine. He told me over a beer after the round that he’d “changed his grip on #12” and he hit the ball better. Really, I said – “Why didn’t you change your grip Saturday morning before we started?”

All in all, it was a terrific weekend. I had a blast with my partner and our playings partners over the past two (2) days. All of the players seemed to have a great time and Cripple Creek did a wonderful job for the celebratory dinner I’m told. (Sue and I did not attend the dinner – just hard to be indoors with a group of people during these times.)

And, now it’s on the the REAL Master’s tournament this coming weekend. Can Tiger repeat? Will Bryson bring Augusta to its knees by taking lines not seen before? Will Rory finally break through and get his career Gran Slam? Or, will Jordan emerge from the dead and reclaim glory? Who knows, but I’ll definitely have money riding on at least one of these players.

3 thoughts on “The Hootie 2020 – It’s Over

  1. From Florida, thanks for the recap. Sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves. 57 seems a little unrealistic in better ball. Did you check to make sure they weren’t playing a scramble. Lol.

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    1. Ya think! Sandbaggers in my view. Dzedzy has a 13.4 index and was playing from the Gold tees with a 10 handicap. Shot 71. I don’t care what tees, a 13 handicapper does not shoot even par – especially on a day when the course was harder than usual. According to Cummings, who was playing with them, he made everything all day. Reid is no better – 12 handicap and shot an 80 which is the lowest score he’s posted all year.


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