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Your Hack was finally able to get out and play on Sunday. Yes, it was blustery and the course was wet from the rains we had at the end of last week. But after 3 days of constantly watching the Masters on 3 or 4 screens using the awesome Masters App, I was ready for some real “hack” golf. A large number of our regular crew was down in Myrtle Beach, playing Caledonia, True Blue, and Pawley’s Plantation on an impromptu Masters weekend golf trip.

The Myrtle Beach “Crew”

This left a reduced cast of characters for our typical Sunday game. Steve Dewey, Doug “Councilman” Hudson and I teed off around 10:15, followed by Mr Robel’, Jeff “Cookie” Mumford, and Mark Browne. As there was no organized game, my threesome elected to play a game of 9 Point and I had no idea what the other guys were playing. As is my standard, I started with a bogey and quickly followed with 4 pars that included 2 missed birdie puts of 8 feet or less. The greens still had some fire after the rain last week and our grounds crew had decided to put some of the pins on slopes, which I’m sure was done to prevent your Hack from making any birdies. They were successful, as I missed 2 more make-able birdie puts on #8 and #9. All in, I was 4 over after the front and leading the 9 Point game by a large margin – plus 16 over the Councilman and + 11 over Dewey.

The wind, “cart path only” conditions and quick greens were evidently slowing play considerably in front of us, and our two threesomes joined together on the 7th hole and played in as “unlawful” six-some. We were all walking and no trouble staying in touch with the groups in front and were never caught by the group behind. After a 2 and 1/2 hour front nine, we finished the back in – I mean second nine (in deference to Augusta National) in 2 hours. The highlight of the day was Cookie draining a 35 foot birdie put on #8, up and over the ridge, that hit the pin at ramming speed. “My first birdie of the year!” exclaimed Cookie.

Your Hack’s back nine devolved into a nightmare. A drive into the hazard on #11, a drive out of bounds on #14, and missed birdie puts from inside 10 feet on #10 and #12. But, that was followed by a high, drawing 4 iron into the wind on #16 that ended up 6 feet below the hole. You can obviously guess what happened with my put.

Dewey shot 39 on the back and recovered in the 9 Point Game, leaving the Councilman reaching for his wallet in the bat after the round. We were able to watch DJ tap in for his remarkable Masters’ victory after being forced to follow the round on our phones during the round. Congratulations to DJ. He played 4 rounds of proper golf and blitzed the field, setting a new scoring record. I won’t get in to Tiger’s 10 on #12, but am astonished that he was able to regain his composure and birdie 5 of the final 6 holes and move from 53rd position after #12 to a T38 finish.

As I mentioned earlier, a bunch of our guys were down in Myrtle for a quick golf trip. One of my favorite golf content producers are the guys from No Laying Up – Solly, Tron, Big Randy, Neal, and DJ. One of the golf series on YouTube that they produce is “Tourist Sauce” and they did a series in the Carolinas that aired in February, 2020. Here is the episode that featured Caledonia and True Blue. Enjoy!

Tourist Sauce – Caledonia and True Blue

Again, say hi to the folks making the trip to Myrtle this past weekend. I hope to have more specifics later in the week, but for now I’ll just leave it at this.

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