Wolf – The Punter’s Game

When your walking off the 18th tee and your Wolf partner (a scratch player) for that hole has just driven it OB – a really big right miss – and your opponents have doubled the $10 wolf bet . . .

The “Senator” is not real happy that his scratch partner just blew one out of bounds.

It was cold and windy at the Creek yesterday. Temps were in the low 40’s and the wind blew 20+ at times which prompted a bunch of our guys to bail on the Wednesday game. Only your Hack, “Senator” Cummings, Hagen, and our assistant, Ryan has the gumption to play. Can you say $5 Wolf?

Once the playing order is established, the first player (the Wolf) tees off. Player #2 then hits and the Wolf can elect to choose him as a partner or pass. The same option continues through players 3 and 4. If the Wolf does not choose a partner, he goes Wolf and the bet on the hole is doubled. If the player elects to go “Wolf” before teeing off, the bet on the hole is tripled. At any point during the hole, the team may elect to double (turning the $5 bet into $10) and the opposing team could then triple (turning the $10 bet into $20), and so on.

We had a little fireworks on the first hole, as the Senator and I doubled the initial bet and won the hole, when I made par. A push on #2 and then on the par 3, third hole our opponents tripled the bet (after we had doubled on the tee) and I was left with a 4 footer to make par. Naturally, I missed and put Hagen and I in a bit of a hole. Another push on #4 and we turned into the wind on the 407 yard par 4. The Senator and Hagen were paired against Ryan and I and they both stroked. I made bogey from the middle of the fairway, while they made an outstanding par.

After some back and forth on the remaining holes we ended the front with Ryan even, Hagen and your Hack down $20 each. The Senator played well and was up $40.

The back nine was more of the same. After some back and forth, and a bunch of missed putts, we approached the 15th green. Ryan, partnered with Hagen, was looking at about 15 feet for birdie. I had 12 feet for the same and it looked like another push on a doubled bet. However, Ryan made and I missed. Ryan was now +$20, I was still down $20, the Senator was +40, and Hagen was the biggest loser – down $40.

On the 16th hole, Hagen (as the player losing the most) was the Wolf and had the option to increase the bet. As he was getting a stroke on #16, he increased the bet to $10. Hagen picked Ryan as his partner, after my partner left his tee shot short left in the rough. I hit my shot OB, leaving the Senator to fight off the other team who had doubled on the tee. Hagen made a par/net birdie, cutting his deficit to $20 and increasing mine to $40 which made me the new Wolf on #17 tee.

After halving #17 with pars, we went to the final hole with your Hack as the Wolf one last time. I hit a good drive to the right fairway and Hagen was next and, after another solid drive, I choose him as my partner and we doubled the bet. That left the Senator with Ryan by default. As you read earlier, he unfortunately had the big right miss come into play and left the Senator alone. He’d dropped from being $60 ahead to standing on the tee only $20 ahead with a partner out of bounds. No wonder he was a little steamed when I caught him on video.

Luckily for him, both Hagen and I could only manage 5’s and the Senator made a sterling up and down from the back fringe to halve the hole and end the match. Not the greatest day for the four of us – the wind and cold made conditions tough. But we had a nice friendly match that didn’t really get out of hand. Regular readers will remember some Wolf games that have! See an old post below . . .

It Almost Got Out of Hand Today

The weather looks better for Friday and we have about 9-10 players scheduled. Hope it holds.

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