Our incredible run of great November weather continued yesterday at the Creek. Eight players, 80% handicaps, better ball two man teams selected by a blind draw at the end was the game. The Sheriff, Mr. Robel’, Boteler and Dewey were in the first group out. Always looking for a little action, the Sheriff brought his “Lucky 7” poker chips and reintroduced this fun betting game to his foursome. Our pal Nooch, currently in Florida for the winter, had schooled us on the game earlier in the season.

Can’t Believe We Played Lucky 7 and PUSHED

Lucky 7 is a betting game where players earn poker chips for specific positive and negative shots. Each chip has an agreed upon dollar value. Positive shots can be one putts, birdies, etc. while negative shots can be triple bogeys, balls out of bounds (OB), 3-putts, etc. Official rules can be found here: LUCKY 7 GOLF BETTING

Our boys had a good laugh at the end when adding up the positive and negative chips and found that they had all pushed – no money changed hands. Sorta like kissing your sister.

The second group out was your Hack, “Senator” Cummings, Hagen and Jimmy D. – who for some reason is nicknamed “Trust Fund”. Your Hack will have to investigate this and report back.

Given the make-up of our foursome, Wolf was the game of choice. $5 Wolf, increasing to $10 from #16 on, when the biggest loser becomes the Wolf. You’ve hear me describe Wolf in previous posts so you can search the archives for previous game descriptions. My hope is that I can convince the guys to play the “most dangerous” version – WOLF HAMMER. Check it out below.

The Senator (see below) and Jimmy D. drew first blood on #4 after Hagen and I doubled the bet and proceeded to both 3-putt the par 5 for bogeys. Steve and I were again partners on #5 and we able to claw back a little when Steve made a nice putt for par to salvage a win after I made my 2nd 3-putt in a row. Jimmy D. and I were partners on the 6th hole and doubled after both of us hit the green. Steve was behind the trees on the right and the Senator in the hazard – they both had to chip out.

The front 9 ended on a tough note for your Hack. After hitting the green in regulation, I doubled the bet. Rolling my first putt about 3 feet beyond the hole, I watched Steve make his par and announce “Triple“. No problem, I had an easy tap in for par to halve. You can guess what I did – yep, missed it. My partner was the Senator and he was a little shaken. I would have been shaken as well if I shot 48 on the front and was down $25 after 9 holes.

The Senator Watching is PAC Funds Disappear

With only a little back and forth to begin the front, which included yet another 2, 3-putts from your Hack, we came to #14. I was the Wolf and heeled a driver into the marsh. Only Hagen stroked so I was not in good shape. I picked Steve as my partner after he laced a beautiful drive into the middle of the fairway, but he elected to “go Wolf”. A bold, but ultimately fatal move. After a solid 2nd shot, Steve was about 140 yards out and proceeded to skull a wedge or 9 iron into the shit. “Triple!” we announced and he conceded the hole, dropping $10 to each of his opponents.

Hagen Remains Calm on the 15th Tee After Butchering #14

The tees were up on #15 and I was able to drive the green, although the ball rolled through onto the right fringe, pin high. I elected not to go Wolf after watching Hagen get trashed on the previous hole and based on my poor chipping and putting performance over the prior 14 holes. True to form, I chunked the chip onto the green and missed my longish birdie putt and the hole was halved.

Jimmy D. in Good Form on the 15th Tee

So we came to the 16th tee with the Senator as the biggest loser and Jimmy D. leading the pack. I was even and Steve was only down a little. The Senator announced a $10 bet and choose Jimmy D. as his partner after my shot landed on the bank of the left bunker and Jimmy’s landed on the green. Steve then stroked a beautiful iron shot onto the proper level of the green, pin high. Our opponents had doubled prior to Steve’s shot. It looked to be a push after I chipped up to 3 feet and made (unbelievably) my sliding downhill put for par. Jimmy D. had a similar downhill put, but we safely tripled the bet – no blood if he makes. Unfortunately, his putt slid out of the hole, putting Hagen and I in the lead and killing the Senator’s chances of buying the next election. It was about to get worse however.

Another $10 bet from Mike on the 17th tee and he chose Hagen as his partner, after Jimmy D.’s tee shot landed in the left bunker. Their double bet off the tee looked good as we approached the green. Until, the Senator sliced his approach into the water and Hagen topped his wedge about 30 feet and then proceeded to dribble it onto the bank of the hazard. Jimmy and I tripled the bet at that point and the Senator conceded after looking back to see his partner try this . . .

Hagen Attempting the Hero Shot

I attempted to film Steve’s shot, but was evidently in his line of “expected” flight. As I was moving to a better position he slashed and splashed the ball and I missed it! Anyway, we moved onto the final hole with your Hack in a comfortable lead and the Senator in pain. Hagen and Jimmy D. were both slightly positive for the day.

On the 18th tee, the Senator attempted to stop the hemorrhage by upping the initial bet to $20 for the hole. We all agreed and watched him knock it into the trees on the right. Jimmy also hit a weak fade into the right rough, while I hit my best drive of the day to the left side of the fairway, about 170 from the green. Mike couldn’t pick me as a partner on this hole because I didn’t get a stroke, while Hagen did. Luckily, Steve hit a nice drive into the left rough and had a chance to reach the green.

No one hit the green, but Mike placed a nice approach to about 12 feet for a par and the win (the bet had been doubled). Here’s what happened.

Sad, but true. The Senator, obviously worn down by a long day trying to break 90, hit his mark but left it short. That left my partner – the so-called “Trust Fund” – a 3 foot putt to halve the hole. He made.

Heading onto the back patio to do the blind draw and shout out skins for the day, I was struck once again how you can sometimes play poorly and still come out on top in a Wolf Game. I had 6, 3-putts over the course of the day and was lucky enough to make some good shots when needed and have great partners when it mattered. It’s a fun game.

No skins for your Hack and my draw and I came in last among the four teams. Congrats to the Sheriff and Dewey to 1st place in the blind draw.

A new week is starting and I hope you have good weather to play and that you keep it in the short grass. I’ll be working on my putting.

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