Some Guy’s Backyard

This is the story of a few guys that decided to build a golf course. Here’s how they put it:

“Some Guy’s Backyard believes golf can be fun, free, and approachable. We want to take back what the American Country Club model took away from golf. To prove it’s possible, we are building a golf course in the backyard called Brough Creek National. Using only the resources the golfing community can muster, we are building the most fun short golf course we can. If you want to help our project along, we will give you a lifetime membership in exchange for your efforts – however big or small. Follow along as we build Brough Creek National. By the community, for the community. The grass is browner over here.”

Here are the four (4) guys behind Brough (sounds like “rough”) Creek National.

After raising money and putting in a couple of years of hard work, the course opened in 2020. The video below shows the whole course. What an exceptional job.

You can learn more about Rough Creek National at their website, which includes information on how to support the home grown course and has videos of the construction process, tournaments they have held, and even the first hole in one. Enjoy.

Visit Brough Creek National and Some Guy’s Backyard by clicking here.

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