Your Hack was joined by nine (9) fellow golfers on the day before Thanksgiving in a game setup by Mr. Robel’. Tee times, players – with handicaps – and the stakes appeared in our text feed. It was time to play.

11:10 Hack 5- Mr. Robel’ 7- Sheriff 9
11:20 Dewey 6- Boteler 9-Councilman 10
11:30 Decker 12-Young Decker 9- Sunderlin 12
Stableford, $20 game, Top 3 $40,$30,$20
Skins $90

In Stableford, the player earns points rather than a score on each hole and the point total is added to the player’s handicap to determine the highest score. Points are earned as follows: 3 for a birdie, 2 for a par, 1 for a bogey, 0 for a double bogey and -1 for a triple bogey or higher. In this game, the highest score wins. I almost forgot. You can get 5 points for an eagle, but that didn’t come happen yesterday.

Playing with the Sheriff, we decided to spice things up by playing Lucky 7 within our group. Your Hack started off well, chipping to about 3 feet on #1 and making par, while the Sheriff and Mr Robel’ both 3 putted for bogey. I continued playing well on the front, hitting every fairway until #8. My 3-wood refused to draw and I ended up far right and behind the large group of trees blocking the green. A layup and a poor chip resulted in a bogey to take me to 2 over par. My partners struggled a bit on the front as the Sheriff accumulated a couple of negative Lucky 7 chips and Mr. Robel’ had some putting woes.

On the 9th hole, my drive was pulled left and struck a tree which meant I was about to take the negative “hit tree” Lucky 7 chip from the Sheriff unless I made a “Barkie” – a par after hitting a tree. Fortunately, I made a 12 footer for par, avoided the negative poker chip and finished the front with 16 Stableford points.

The back 9 started well as I rolled in a nice birdie putt on #10, only to be followed by Mr. Robel’s birdie which stole the “Birdie” Lucky 7 chip. Last one to make wins! Mike continued his strong play on the front, while I struggled with 3 bogeys in a row on holes 12 through 14 and then again on holes 16 through 18. I finished the front with an additional 13 Stableford points, which made my total 29 + 5 handicap = 34 points. Mike’s strong play on the front pulled him close, but his total was 1 behind at 33 points. The Sheriff had a tough day and ended a bit behind in both Stableford points and Lucky 7 chips.

The real action was in the group behind us as Steve Dewey shot a 1 under 35 on the back bringing him into the house with a 74 and the lead in Stableford points. Birdies on three (3) holes mid-round provided the rocket fuel for his big win. In addition, his threesome was playing a 9-point game within their group and Steve cleaned up there as well.

The final group of Decker 1, Decker 2, and Drew sort of “quietly” came to the house with some tough scores. Over drinks after the round, they indicated that they had a great time, but just couldn’t make any putts.

Final tally? Mr. Dewey ran the table, taking first place in the Stableford, beating his partners badly in the 9-point game, and earning a few skins for his birdies – only one was cut. Your Hack was lucky to come in 2nd in the Stableford, win the Lucky 7, and cleared one skin. Mr. Robel’ placed 3rd in the Stableford match thanks to his great play on the back nine.

We are getting some rain overnight and on Thanksgiving Day which will probably mean “cart paths only” for our Friday game. We currently have 12 players signed up – we’ll see how many show. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and keep it in the short grass.

Here is a special shoutout to our buddy Nick Stanisic for his hole in one on #3 last Sunday. Congratulations Ramrod!

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