Cripple Creek, Golf

It Was Time for Some Crazy Golf

Yesterday was cold and windy for a 10 AM start, but Mr. Robel’ – who generally runs our game on Sunday – had a solution. We had nine (9) players for our standard $20 Sunday game and our Sunday chairman announced we were to play in threesomes – first 6 holes were a “true” Step Away Scramble, the next 6 holes were Best Ball, and the last 6 holes were a scramble. Crazy Golf! But, at least it went by quickly as even the last group finished in about 3 1/2 hours.

Mr. Robel’, Assistant Pro Ryan, and Decker led off. They were followed by your Hack, the Voice and Doc Martin. Dewey, Boteler and the Councilman brought up the rear. A true Step Away meant the 3rd player, the one left after the first and second players had stepped away, was left to finish the hole on his own. 80% of handicaps were used on the middle 6 holes where we were playing our own ball and there was also some skin money in that section as well. Each 6 hole format was a separate event with each threesome playing for a $45 prize.

Our group played the Step Away fairly well. Doc three putted the 2nd hole to give us a bogey, but redeemed himself on the 4th with a two putt birdie. The Voice had laced a 3 hybrid onto the green after we used my drive to setup the birdie. Unfortunately, Doc Martin three putted the 5th hole as well and after making a routine par on the 6th, we ended the first segment at 1 over.

Here’s what was strange about the format. I only putted once over the 6 holes after using Doc’s wedge to the 3rd green. We used my drive on #1, #2 & #4 and I hit the approach shots on #5 & #6 – weird. Also, the Voice and I love to gamble and this format precluded a standard match. We decided on the first tee to play for $2 trash – longest drive and closest to the pin. We halved the first segment.

Moving to better ball on #7, we decided on $10 a hole and again we pushed – shocking! Doc Martin provided the highlights on the Best Ball segment with a net eagle on #9 and we finished the middle 6 holes at 3 under. The Voice and I could do no better than pars, but a net birdie was added on #11.

The Scramble over the final 6 holes started well with birdies on #13 & #15, but a bad bogey on #16 and missed putts on #17 and #18 left us at only 1 under par for the team. Not good enough in a 3 man scramble for sure. It turned out to be the only segment we lost, as our +1 on the Step Away and -3 on the Best Ball were good enough to win both segments and put $30 each in our pockets. Doc also nailed a skin with his birdie/net eagle on #8. The first group out took the Scramble portion of the match at -3 — good playing boys.

The Voice and I continued our trash match over the last 6 holes with your Hack winning 3 pieces of trash to his 2. Not much of a fortune, but even a $2 win over the Voice is a good thing.

A few of the boys are off to Casa de Campo this week so they will not be making an appearance in the blog. I’m sure most of us would rather be in the warm weather playing Teeth of the Dog. I know I would, but let’s hope we can play some “real” golf this week.

Until next round, keep it in the short grass.

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