We had a somewhat decent day yesterday (Wednesday) and your Hack was able to get in a round with the boys. Mr. Robel’ organized a 1-2-3 game with three (3) threesomes playing. That’s one (1) ball on the par 5’s, two (2) on the par 4’s and all three (3) on the the par 3’s. It might be the last round of play for a while as we had a slight covering of snow overnight and the forecast for Friday is 32 degrees with wind from the northwest at 25 MPH, gusting to 35 MPH. “You’ll have that . . .” as the Dog used to say.

I think I’ll just watch some of the great content produced by the European Tour to get through this stretch.

But, let’s get back to yesterday’s round. The Voice, Pip, and the Councilman went off first, followed by your Hack, the Senator, and Reid (he who hates to be called HRD2). Mr. Robel’, Dewey and Witmer followed us. Although we started off strong with Reid’s birdie on #1, we quickly blew up going 6 over par on the #2 (playing as a par 3) and #3 (a real par 3).

[The Club has taken out some trees to the left of #2 and the grounds crew is working on installation of additional irrigation so that we can finally grow some grass in that area. To protect the workers, we have a temporary tee in the fairway and are playing the hole as a par 3.]

We made a slow recovery as Reid birdied #4 and I had a net birdie on #5 and the Senator added a net birdie on #9, which allowed our group to finish the front in a respectable 2 over par in the format. Unfortunately, the Voice’s group finished lower and took the money for the front nine.

We started the back 9 strong as Reid birdied #10, your Hack added a birdie on #12, and both Reid and the Senator birdied #13 to get us to 5 under par through #14. However, we lost a shot on #15 as I made the only par and lost 3 shots on #16 as we all made bad bogeys on the par 3. Although we were able to scratch a couple of shots back on the final two (2) holes, we ended the back at 3 under, tied with Mr. Robel’s trio. Unfortunately, we lost on a match of cards.

The bright spot of the day for our group was Reid carding 4 natural birdies, three (3) of which cleared for skins. The Councilman also had a strong day scooping up an additional three (3), or was it four (4) skins. My memory is shaky here but the best line of the day came in the bar afterward: “You’ve bypassed Yogi, you’re now a Mickey Mantle!” Of course, Mr. Robel’ meant that the Councilman would play as a 7 next match instead of his more traditional 9 handicap.

Your Hack’s day was salvaged by our Assistant Ryan. He joined us to play a Nassau against me. Without a warmup, Ryan quite literally gave me all his money when he agreed to give me 2 shots a side. You just can’t do that when you are fighting a big left miss off the tee and can’t dial in the green speeds. Your Hack played ok – only 1 birdie – but Ryan struggled. They’ll definitely be a revenge match coming down the pike.

Be on the lookout for my Farmers Insurance Open betting card coming out later this morning. Keep it in the short grass.

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