When I play golf, I use the Titleist Pro v1 golf ball with “Golf Hack” stamped on the ball for identification. As you can see, this can lead to some tricky situations. I got a email last night asking if I lost something yesterday.

One of my “balls” on a neighbors deck?

It turns out that a neighbor had found one of my old balls – stamped with “Golf Hack” in black – in their yard and placed it on another neighbors deck. Your Hack didn’t even play golf yesterday! I guess I have an expectation that people who know me would return the Hack’s golf balls when found. I can assure you they will be found in strange places because, as you know, your Hack favors the “big right miss”.

Found the missing ball . . .

Regular readers will remember that I had a ball mysteriously “disappear” after a beautiful tee shot on #18 a couple of weeks ago. See Where Did the Ball Go? Well, your Hack has an announcement that resolves the mystery. I was playing with the Senator and our Assistant, Ryan on Sunday and we were all looking for Ryan’s tee shot on the same hole that had been pulled left. During the search, another member – Sueann – was walking home from the club and called us over to identify a ball near the cart path just short of the practice putting green. Turns out if was your Hack’s Titleist from a couple weeks back. My “lost” drive had evidently hit the cart path running along the 18th hole and bounded forward about 40 extra yards from where we had been searching at the time. There was a little road rash on the ball to confirm the collision. I’m telling the Voice that I want my money back.

The Bet . . . Almost

I had an interesting email exchange with one of my golfing buddies and a good friend who happens to be 80. He reads by betting blogs and asked what the odds were that he would be able to shoot is age from the Senior (Gold) tees? Your Hack responded that the odds were about the same as me shooting my age (66) from the Tips. The “elderly” gentleman then proposed an even odds bet as to who would be the first to accomplish the goal this year. I accepted but proposed that the wager should be from the modified Black/White tee combination because I do not get to play the Tips very often – most of the guys I play with won’t agree to “play back”. I’m waiting to hear.

Playing Golf in Nice Weather . . .

I’d almost forgotten what it was like to play golf on a dry course, with freshly rolled greens and warm, sunny weather. Like a light switch, southern Delaware spring like weather flicked on this week and your Hack was able to play Wednesday in windy, 68 degree conditions under sunny skies. The superintendent had rolled the greens and it was shocking. I should have spent my warm up time practicing putting to get a feel for the greens rather than mindlessly smashing driver in the hopes of finding a swing.

Playing with Hastings, the Sheriff and the Councilman, I made the turn in 40 after three (3) 3-putts and a ball in the water on #6. I was hitting the ball well, but the flat stick was baffled by the green speed as it took 20 putts to complete the nine. The front was little better with 16 putts, but no birdies on the day. No more 3-putts, but I tried to drive the green on #11 from the front tees that ended with the ball embedded inside the hazard on the right (penalty stroke) and a missed up and down. Another penalty stroke on #17 when I hit my drive into the water (the big right miss again), but I was able to make par by sinking a curling 10 footer. Final result: 6 over with three (3) penalty shots, three (3) 3-putts, 12/18 greens hit, 8/13 fairways hit.

Overall, similar to my previous four (4) rounds since the Cripple Creek reopened after February’s deluge of rain and cold. These were – 75, 72, 76, 73 on a course playing short, with slow greens, preferred lies and a par of 70. I’m really looking forward to April 1st and beginning of the 2021 golf season when we can get back to real golf, eliminate the mats on the par 3’s and #1 and put the flag back on the green on #14. Then I can see if any of the changes I made over the winter will really hold up.

The Masters is only four (4) weeks away and The Hootie is only five (5) weeks away. I’m heading out to play today at 11AM with the boys. Keep it in the short grass.

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