34 Teams gathered at Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club in Millsboro on Friday April 30th to play some golf and raise money for the Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation. With The Bank of Ocean City as the presenting sponsor and Focus Multisports managing the production, the event was very well planned and organized. You could even get a slice of pizza at the turn.

There was one uncontrollable exception however, a steady 30 mph wind with gusts into the 50 mph range. We knew it was going to be tough, but even warming up on the range before the outing didn’t prepare us for teh carnage to follow.

Miken Builders sponsored our team which consisted of the Senator, the Junior Senator, the Voice, and your Hack. There was a healthy contingent of teams with other players from Cripple Creek, including the Birdie Booyz with Ryan and Pip.

We started on the 11th hole which was the beginning of stretch of holes that did the most damage to our score. The back nine at Plantation Lakes is basically in the middle of a construction zone as they complete the massive development. I imagine it was like playing on the Scottish coastline but with the addition of blowing dirt from a construction zone combining with the blowing sand from long stretches of bunkers and dunes. Downwind was mind blowing and into the wind was a nightmare. For example, The Voice hit a 9 iron on the 164 yard par 3 15th which went over the green and out of bounds downwind. And, our best drive into the wind on 500 yard par 5 13th left us about 275 yards from the green!

Our strategy was to have the Senator lead off and put us in the fairway so that the rest of us could wind up and try to launch bombs. What we didn’t plan for were balls being blown off the tie by wind gusts and putting that was nearly impossible. Even in a scramble format, we had several 3-putt greens. Although your Hack was able to hit two (2) drives that rolled out over 330 yards on downwind holes that led to easy birdies, we balanced that with matching bogeys to finish the first 8 holes even par. Not the greatest score in a scramble.

The front nine played much easier without the blowing dirt and dust storms. We drove the green on #1 and made birdie to finally get us under par. Everyone on the team contributed on the front and we were able to add three (3) more birdies and not drop a shot on any of the other holes. Coming to our last hole, exhausted from 5 1/2 hours in the howling winds and shivering due to an approaching storm, the Junior Senator knocked a drive pin high just off the green and we added a final birdie, almost making eagle. It was a 67 for the Miken Builders team and frankly, we were just happy we were done. Too many players in the field, too much wind, and too much time on the course.

As often happens in these types of scramble tournaments, there is always a team or two that posts an unbelievable score. As you can see in the scoreboard below, team “River Bender” somehow managed to shoot a 55 – only 17 under par. At least they only beat the second place team by 4 shots.

Shout out to a couple of Cripple Creek players. Ryan and Pip came in 4th place on a match of cards with a round of 60. Don Dzedzy made a hole in one on the 11th hole in the howling wind. And, big Eddy Mac had the longest drive on #7 when we went through. I hope that held up to win the Long Drive Contest Hole.

Your Hack will be back to real golf on Sunday which is the last day before the spring aeration process closes the course for a few days. I’ll post about that round in a little bit.

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