Sunday Two-Man Teams

It was a little windy yesterday, but nothing like Friday at the Plantation Lakes golf outing. We had 10 players and decided to randomly draw two-man teams after the round, paying the first two spots and skins. It would be out last round at the Creek before the Spring aeration.

Before we get started, You Hack received an email over the weekend from his competitor in “The Bet”. The bet is described in the linked post under the heading: The Bet . . . Almost. This is the email I received:

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that yesterday my horse almost won and your ship almost sailed.  Not in Louisville, but in Dagsville, where my winter-long effort to groove a new “two-piece” swing (derided by the critics as a “two-pizza” swing) paid off in the best ball-striking round in years.  It also resulted in an 84, marred by four unforced short-game errors.  But for those, it could  have been an 80, which happens to be my age.  
The group I was with gave putts “within the leather.”  Any they gave me were only shoe-length.   Do I assume correctly that you would have focused on that technicality to refuse to agree I had achieved my goal?  If so, I will inform them that hereafter I am holing everything. 
Consider yourself on alert!

I informed my opponent that the given putts he described were fine as this is not that serious a contest. Back to yesterday’s round.

The Sheriff, Silent Assassin, and your hack were out first, followed by Striker, Councilman, and Doc Martin. The Senator and the Voice brought two (2) guests and that foursome went out last.

Regular readers know that I’ve been struggling with my putter, averaging 33 putts per round. I even purchased an Eyeline Golf putting mirror last week to help. It came in Saturday and I employed it during my warmup for the first time. I was very confident about my stroke after 15 minutes on the putting green and hit my irons well on the range.

After a “good” bogey on #2 after ricocheting my 2nd shot off a tree backwards, I was one over standing on the 5th green in regulation. 3-putts later I was two over and irked that a 3-putt had inserted itself into my round. Routine pars on the 6th through the 8th and I was getting back into the groove, but I’d been unable to convert 2 birdie opportunities inside of 15 feet.

The 9th was a disaster. After blowing my drive right into the 18th fairway, I pulled my approach into the tree roots to the left of the 9th green, pin high, but short sided. My only chance at an “up and down” was to bounce the chip into the hill and have it pop up and land softly on the green. Thinking I’d hit it perfectly I watched as the ball bounced sideways instead of forward and I was left with another chip. This one was bladed across the green leaving myself 65 feet up and over the ridge to make a bogey. Because I’m your Hack I decided to 3-putt for a triple bogey 7 and make the turn at 5 over par.

The Silent Assassin bookended the front with double bogeys and ended with a respectable 42, while the Sheriff was 1 under through 3, but made doubles on #4 and #5 to blow up his round. Still, he shot 39 on the front. In the end, these guys ended up being drawn as partners and went 32-37 better ball for a team score of 69, 2 under.

On the 10th tee I decided to let my putting woes work themselves out and focused on putting the ball in the fairway off the tee. Leaving the driver in the bag, I used my 2 iron and was 80 yards from the green, dead center. A fat wedge and poor chip resulted in bogey. I used the same shot on #11 and was only 70 yards from the green, again in the short grass. A shanked wedge and another bogey. I added another 3 putt on #13 and a glorious 4-putt double bogey on #15 to crush my score even more.

Your Hack ended the day with 40 putts which included the 4-putt previously mentioned and three 3-putts. What can I say – I need some more work with the mirror I guess.

Striker and the Councilman were the low team for the day with a better ball score of 63. I drew the Senator as a partner and we came in at 68, tied with Doc Martin and Jake Booth (one of the guests) and splitting 2nd place money. There were very few skins and 2 were taken by Eric Brubaker (the other guest) with natural birdies on #4 and #14. The Sheriff’s birdie on #3 was cut unfortunately.

As I said earlier, aeration begins today and we have twelve (12) of us heading our to Plantation Lakes on Tuesday for play an away game. Should be fun and stay tuned.

For anyone interested, here is your Hack’s card from yesterday.

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