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The Hootie 2020 – It’s Over

Final Leaderboard

The Hootie 2020 came to a stunning conclusion yesterday afternoon. The final round was played in absolutely beautiful conditions for early November as the temperature hovered in the high 60’s to low 70’s, the wind was negligible, the sun was shining, and the greens were the best we’ve seen this year. To say they were hard and fast is a bigger understatement than saying this year’s winners played well.

Blistering the field, the course, and reality, the winning team of Glenn Reid and Don Dzedzy posted an astonishing 2nd round of 57, which combined with their opening round score of 66, resulted in a 123 total. They won the event by a remarkable 9 shots over the 2nd place team of Mark Decker and Doug (Councilman) Hudson. These guys only shot 65-65 to LOSE by 7. Amazing!

3rd place was snagged by tournament director Don Boteler and his partner, Joe Donnelly who posted a 132 total. (I have to go back though – 57 is 14 shots under par at Cripple Creek on the fastest greens of the year and some “tucked” pin locations. Crazy.)

The winning teams rounding out the field were: 4th Place – Dillon/Miranda. 5th Place – Connell/Schaffran. 6th Place – Diehl/Dream.

Luckily for your Hack and Hun the Handicap, the event paid eight (8) spots. Our relatively ugly 67 on Sunday got us to 139 (3 under par) and we won the match of cards tiebreaker to secure 8th and take home some cash. I’d like to give a special shoutout to my buddy Mike (Mr. Robel’) Robel, who you’ve heard about in this blog before. Mr. Robel’ and his partner, Neal Leary (pictured below) were able to secure 7th place, shooting 68-69 for a 137 total. Want another dose of astonishment? Mr. Robel’ played Sunday without hitting his back with the club on his follow through – nope, not once!

Leary & Mr. Robel’ on Saturday Morning

We played with Matt Bensen & Simon Stater for the second day in a row. Of course, they were a pleasure to play with and had a real shot at some money, until they both crashed and burned on #17. Both Simon and Matt could do no better than a net double bogey and it took them out of the money by one shot. I guess I should thank them as we picked up four (4) shots over the last 2 holes thanks to this collapse.

Your Hack’s partner improved his play on Sunday, contributing 4 net birdies over the back nine. He told me over a beer after the round that he’d “changed his grip on #12” and he hit the ball better. Really, I said – “Why didn’t you change your grip Saturday morning before we started?”

All in all, it was a terrific weekend. I had a blast with my partner and our playings partners over the past two (2) days. All of the players seemed to have a great time and Cripple Creek did a wonderful job for the celebratory dinner I’m told. (Sue and I did not attend the dinner – just hard to be indoors with a group of people during these times.)

And, now it’s on the the REAL Master’s tournament this coming weekend. Can Tiger repeat? Will Bryson bring Augusta to its knees by taking lines not seen before? Will Rory finally break through and get his career Gran Slam? Or, will Jordan emerge from the dead and reclaim glory? Who knows, but I’ll definitely have money riding on at least one of these players.

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The Hootie 2020 – Day 1

The Hootie kicked off at 9:00am on Saturday with the Hagen/Stokes and Cummings/Condo Hudson teams off first. It was foggy for sure, we could see about halfway down the 1st fairway. A little bitching and moaning was heard, but we played. Luck of the draw, right? As you’ll see, the fog didn’t stop one of these teams from shooting the 2nd lowest score of the day!

Hagen & Stokes
“Condo” Hudson & Cummings

Tee-times ran from 9 am through 10:20 am in order to get the 18 teams out for round one. The format was better ball net, with the “A” player from the White tees and the “B” player from the Gold tees.

Tee Times and Pairings(w) White Tees (g) Gold Tees – (#) Handicaps – Partners have same format

Hagen (w) 11Dewey (w) 7
Stokes (g) 12Frog (g) 17
Cummings (w) 9Jimmy Donnelly (w) 10
Condo Hudson (g) 13Vallese (g) 11
Boteler (w) 10Bensen (w) 11
Joe Donnelly (g) 14Statter (g) 11
Hastings (w) 12Baxter (w) 5
Sunderlin (g) 10Hunsberger (g) 20
Diehl (w) 0Robel (w) 8
Dream (g) 21Leary (g) 13
Dillon (w) 4G. Hudson (w) 10
Miranda (g) 16Ski (g) 13
Dinuzzo (w) 10Fallon (w) 13
Browne (g) 11Witmer (g) 10
Councilman Hudson (w) 12Reid (w) 13
Decker (g) 10Dzedzy (g) 10
Stanisic (w) 9
States (g) 14
Connell (w) 8
Schaffran (g) 15
Saturday Tee Times

Your Hack went off at 10am with his partner, Tom Hunsberger, and was paired with Matt Benson & Simon Statter. I had great expectations from Hun the Handicap as he was getting 20 handicap strokes from the Gold tees. Unfortunately, we both started poorly and were 3 over by the time we reached the 4th tee. Our playing partners were steady, making pars on the first 3 holes.

Statter & Bensen – Our Playing Partners

The sun had come out by then, burning off the fog and everyone was on the course. My highlight of the day would occur on the 4th hole, a 485 yard par 5. After a good drive into the left side of the fairway about 203 yards from the front pin, I drew a solid hybrid onto the green about 6 feet below the cup. The resulting 1 putt eagle moved our team back to 1 over. Things were looking better after our sloppy start as I stroked on the next hole. After a solid drive on #5 into the middle-right of the fairway, I hit a laser straight 9-iron to about 7 feet. As your Hack often does, I missed the putt and we settled for a par, net birdie and were back to even for the day. Little did we know that would be all we could do.

Statter and Bensen made the turn at 1 over after Statter made a terrific up and down par, net birdie on #9. We ended the front at 3 over after bogeys on #6, #7, and #8. On the back, Statter and Bensen were once again steady adding 2 birdies on #14 and #15, but dropping back to even for the day after an ugly 17th hole – Bensen in his pocket and Statter hitting his approach into the water fronting the green. My partner and I made a small comeback on the final nine with Hun the Handicap sinking a bomb on #12 for a birdie, net eagle and I added a par, net birdie on #17. Unfortunately, it was only good enough to get us back to 1 over for the day.

You wouldn’t have known it from our experience, but there was some very good play on the course for the first round. Two (2) teams shot 65’s and four teams came in with 66’s. Here are the Day 1 results:

Baxter/Hunsberger Close to Bringing Up The Rear

After applying the “Tie-breaker” rules – match of cards from #17, then #6, then #18, the Win, Place, and Show victors for Saturday’s pari-mutuel betting were determined.

Win: Boteler/Joe Donnelly

Place: Decker/Councilman Hudson

Show: Cummings/Condo Hudson

So, your Hack and Hun the Handicap are 6 shots back going into the final round. As you know, I’ve been there before, although it seems like I’m always there. We tee off at 10:10 this morning and it’s currently very foggy again at the course, but it should clear by the time we start. Everyone is looking forward to Day 2 and the celebration dinner at the club to close out the Hootie for this year. Play well guys!

I’ll be posting a final recap of The Hootie 2020 this evening – stay tuned and thanks for following the adventures of the Retired Golf Hack.

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The Hootie 2019

IMG_2689Fourteen (14) 2-man teams were set in anticipation of the 16th annual Hootie at Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club, which was held the weekend of April 27-28, 2019.  (See a short history of the Hootie here) Teams were selected at a draw party the prior week and each consisted of an “A” and “B” player competing in a four ball stroke play battle over 36 holes.  The “A” player hit from the white tees and the “B” player from the shorter gold tees (with a 4 strokes reduction in handicap). Continue reading

Cripple Creek, Golf, Hootie

The Hootie – A Short History

We play our first Major at the club this weekend and I thought it would be fun to write a short history of the tournament – The Hootie.

On April 13, 2003, a Cripple Creek tradition and a tournament like no other began.

“The Dog came out growling with a sandy par on the first hole and never looked back. Chipping in twice for birdies and taking only 24 putts, he rolled up a remarkable, we will not report the remarks that were made, 43 points [modified Stableford scoring] and ran off with a bone of $120. When asked how his knee held up, he responded with a blank look, “WHAT KNEE?”  A 73 is a sure fire cure for whatever ails you.”

And so ended the first Hootie at Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club in Bethany Beach, DE.  Our “Once and Former Commissioner” – one Lary Larson – was eloquent in his description of the Dog’s “historic” victory. Continue reading