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Sunday Two-Man Teams

It was a little windy yesterday, but nothing like Friday at the Plantation Lakes golf outing. We had 10 players and decided to randomly draw two-man teams after the round, paying the first two spots and skins. It would be out last round at the Creek before the Spring aeration.

Before we get started, You Hack received an email over the weekend from his competitor in “The Bet”. The bet is described in the linked post under the heading: The Bet . . . Almost. This is the email I received:

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that yesterday my horse almost won and your ship almost sailed.  Not in Louisville, but in Dagsville, where my winter-long effort to groove a new “two-piece” swing (derided by the critics as a “two-pizza” swing) paid off in the best ball-striking round in years.  It also resulted in an 84, marred by four unforced short-game errors.  But for those, it could  have been an 80, which happens to be my age.  
The group I was with gave putts “within the leather.”  Any they gave me were only shoe-length.   Do I assume correctly that you would have focused on that technicality to refuse to agree I had achieved my goal?  If so, I will inform them that hereafter I am holing everything. 
Consider yourself on alert!

I informed my opponent that the given putts he described were fine as this is not that serious a contest. Back to yesterday’s round.

The Sheriff, Silent Assassin, and your hack were out first, followed by Striker, Councilman, and Doc Martin. The Senator and the Voice brought two (2) guests and that foursome went out last.

Regular readers know that I’ve been struggling with my putter, averaging 33 putts per round. I even purchased an Eyeline Golf putting mirror last week to help. It came in Saturday and I employed it during my warmup for the first time. I was very confident about my stroke after 15 minutes on the putting green and hit my irons well on the range.

After a “good” bogey on #2 after ricocheting my 2nd shot off a tree backwards, I was one over standing on the 5th green in regulation. 3-putts later I was two over and irked that a 3-putt had inserted itself into my round. Routine pars on the 6th through the 8th and I was getting back into the groove, but I’d been unable to convert 2 birdie opportunities inside of 15 feet.

The 9th was a disaster. After blowing my drive right into the 18th fairway, I pulled my approach into the tree roots to the left of the 9th green, pin high, but short sided. My only chance at an “up and down” was to bounce the chip into the hill and have it pop up and land softly on the green. Thinking I’d hit it perfectly I watched as the ball bounced sideways instead of forward and I was left with another chip. This one was bladed across the green leaving myself 65 feet up and over the ridge to make a bogey. Because I’m your Hack I decided to 3-putt for a triple bogey 7 and make the turn at 5 over par.

The Silent Assassin bookended the front with double bogeys and ended with a respectable 42, while the Sheriff was 1 under through 3, but made doubles on #4 and #5 to blow up his round. Still, he shot 39 on the front. In the end, these guys ended up being drawn as partners and went 32-37 better ball for a team score of 69, 2 under.

On the 10th tee I decided to let my putting woes work themselves out and focused on putting the ball in the fairway off the tee. Leaving the driver in the bag, I used my 2 iron and was 80 yards from the green, dead center. A fat wedge and poor chip resulted in bogey. I used the same shot on #11 and was only 70 yards from the green, again in the short grass. A shanked wedge and another bogey. I added another 3 putt on #13 and a glorious 4-putt double bogey on #15 to crush my score even more.

Your Hack ended the day with 40 putts which included the 4-putt previously mentioned and three 3-putts. What can I say – I need some more work with the mirror I guess.

Striker and the Councilman were the low team for the day with a better ball score of 63. I drew the Senator as a partner and we came in at 68, tied with Doc Martin and Jake Booth (one of the guests) and splitting 2nd place money. There were very few skins and 2 were taken by Eric Brubaker (the other guest) with natural birdies on #4 and #14. The Sheriff’s birdie on #3 was cut unfortunately.

As I said earlier, aeration begins today and we have twelve (12) of us heading our to Plantation Lakes on Tuesday for play an away game. Should be fun and stay tuned.

For anyone interested, here is your Hack’s card from yesterday.

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Quiet Resorts Golf Classic

34 Teams gathered at Plantation Lakes Golf & Country Club in Millsboro on Friday April 30th to play some golf and raise money for the Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation. With The Bank of Ocean City as the presenting sponsor and Focus Multisports managing the production, the event was very well planned and organized. You could even get a slice of pizza at the turn.

There was one uncontrollable exception however, a steady 30 mph wind with gusts into the 50 mph range. We knew it was going to be tough, but even warming up on the range before the outing didn’t prepare us for teh carnage to follow.

Miken Builders sponsored our team which consisted of the Senator, the Junior Senator, the Voice, and your Hack. There was a healthy contingent of teams with other players from Cripple Creek, including the Birdie Booyz with Ryan and Pip.

We started on the 11th hole which was the beginning of stretch of holes that did the most damage to our score. The back nine at Plantation Lakes is basically in the middle of a construction zone as they complete the massive development. I imagine it was like playing on the Scottish coastline but with the addition of blowing dirt from a construction zone combining with the blowing sand from long stretches of bunkers and dunes. Downwind was mind blowing and into the wind was a nightmare. For example, The Voice hit a 9 iron on the 164 yard par 3 15th which went over the green and out of bounds downwind. And, our best drive into the wind on 500 yard par 5 13th left us about 275 yards from the green!

Our strategy was to have the Senator lead off and put us in the fairway so that the rest of us could wind up and try to launch bombs. What we didn’t plan for were balls being blown off the tie by wind gusts and putting that was nearly impossible. Even in a scramble format, we had several 3-putt greens. Although your Hack was able to hit two (2) drives that rolled out over 330 yards on downwind holes that led to easy birdies, we balanced that with matching bogeys to finish the first 8 holes even par. Not the greatest score in a scramble.

The front nine played much easier without the blowing dirt and dust storms. We drove the green on #1 and made birdie to finally get us under par. Everyone on the team contributed on the front and we were able to add three (3) more birdies and not drop a shot on any of the other holes. Coming to our last hole, exhausted from 5 1/2 hours in the howling winds and shivering due to an approaching storm, the Junior Senator knocked a drive pin high just off the green and we added a final birdie, almost making eagle. It was a 67 for the Miken Builders team and frankly, we were just happy we were done. Too many players in the field, too much wind, and too much time on the course.

As often happens in these types of scramble tournaments, there is always a team or two that posts an unbelievable score. As you can see in the scoreboard below, team “River Bender” somehow managed to shoot a 55 – only 17 under par. At least they only beat the second place team by 4 shots.

Shout out to a couple of Cripple Creek players. Ryan and Pip came in 4th place on a match of cards with a round of 60. Don Dzedzy made a hole in one on the 11th hole in the howling wind. And, big Eddy Mac had the longest drive on #7 when we went through. I hope that held up to win the Long Drive Contest Hole.

Your Hack will be back to real golf on Sunday which is the last day before the spring aeration process closes the course for a few days. I’ll post about that round in a little bit.

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Let’s Catch Up

It’s been a while since I posted an update on my journey through Strokes Gained Retired. Your Golf Hack has not been able to play as much as he wanted in April but was able to get in two (2) tournaments, one official and one not so. I had mixed results in the DSGA Spring Classic as well as the 2021 Hootie, but played well enough in a couple of the tournament rounds to see my handicap drop from 5.5 at the start of the season to 4.0 currently. Unfortunately, this was followed in the past couple of weeks by some awful play. A bad round of 87 last Friday at the Creek was followed by an 83 yesterday – losing strokes and losing money is not a good combination.

I track my stats through the Blue Golf app. Let’s take a look at the good news and not so good news. I’ve played 14 rounds this year through yesterday. After making 30 birdies, I calculated by average birdies per round to be 2.1. Unfortunately, I have also made 38 double bogies and 5 triple bogies – 3.1 doubles or worse per round. This includes 19 penalty strokes which always lead to higher scores. When you have an average of 1.3 penalty strokes per round, you’re not hitting the ball consistently for sure.

Here is yesterday’s round as a good example of this:

Cripple Creek – White Tees

I started out with a birdie, but 3 jacked #2 for a bogey. A sloppy bogey on the easy par 5 4th and then bogeys from the fairway on both #5 an #6, followed by a birdie on the par 3 7th and then a horrendous double on #8. Some would call this a pyscho-scorecard. I was playing with the Senator and his guest in a larger skins game and a $10 2-down with the Senator. Having to give the Senator 3 shots a side is tough enough without this kind of play. Luckily, I only lost one way on the front.

We were back and forth on the back nine until the 14th, when the Voice arrived to join our group. I’m not the kind of person to blame poor play on someone else, but I was sitting 100 yards from the green in 2 on #14 and proceeded to dump my wedge into the hazard fronting the green – double bogey again. Your Hack then proceeded to bogey out and lose the back and the match to the Senator. When you go 6 over par in the last 5 holes of a round, how can you not blame the Voice?

But I digress. I’m hitting 48% of my fairways and the misses are evenly split to the left and to the right. Not great, but not horrible either. However, I’m only hitting 45% of greens in regulation and averaging 33 puts per round. In addition, I’m at 9% in sand saves and 39% in up and down saves around the green.

I’m absolutely convinced that most of this is in my head. When I hit the ball well, I really hit the ball well. Same with putting and chipping. It’s the inconsistency of everything that is killing me. So what do we do?

I’ve ordered a putting mirror and plan to religiously practice putting alignment and stroke to bring my putting stats down to 30 or fewer per round. I currently have 1.4 3-putts per round and am averaging 33 putts in 18 holes.

In addition, I’m spending more time in the short game area to work on chipping, pitching and bunkers to improve my up and down percentage.

Lastly, I’m putting the driver away for most holes at the Creek. It’s not really needed and I tend to get myself in too much trouble off the tee.

Let’s see how this plan works next month and I’ll report back as usual. Tomorrow, the Senator has cobbled together a foursome for the Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation tournament at Plantation Lakes. The Senator, the Jr. Senator, the Voice and your Hack will attempt to break 60 in a four man scramble. Stay tuned and keep it in the short grass.

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The Valspar Championship Betting Card

Tournament Roundup:

I was feeling great going into Sunday’s final round with 5 of my outright picks in the top 20, including Keegan tied for the lead with Burns and Homa only one shot back. Even through the front 9, I had really live tickets on 3 players. Then the hammer – who happens to be named Sam Burns – dropped. Keegan shoots even, Homa and Hoffman come in at 3 over, and Tringale couldn’t make enough birdies to get past a T3 finish. It was a tough finish.

Your Hack ended up breaking even on matchup bets, but losing 8 units overall on Outrights and First Round Leader picks. Still, we ended up with 3 picks in the Top 6, but alas we don’t have each way bets in the US so no cash.

Conners, my OAD pick for the week ended up T21 which wasn’t high enough for me to improve my position.

Overall, I ended the week down 33 units year-to-date which is 33% of my overall bankroll for PGA Tour betting. On to next week and the Wells Fargo Championship and congratulations to Sam Burns on his first PGA win.

I took a break last week and didn’t bet the Zurich Classic, but your Hack is back for the Valspar.

The Copperhead Course is a 7,300+ yard par 71 with FIVE par 3s and four par 5s. The course is usually one of the most difficult par 71 tracks on Tour. It is known for the Snake Pit, a very tough three hole stretch (16, 17, 18) that will probably decide the winner come Sunday. 

My One and Done (OAD) pick for the week is Conners. I’m currently 24th of 128 contestants and need a contrarian win to move up into the money.

This week, I’m going with more long shots for my outright winner bets . . . nothing less that 33-1.


First Round LeaderUnitsOdds

Tournament MatchupsUnitsOdds
Homa > Gooch2.50-125
Kirk > Tringale2.50-110
Bubba > Rose2.50105
Niemann > Ancer2.50-115

I have just one bet for 3 Ball matches today.

CH 3 > Grace/McDowell2.50150
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2021 Hootie

Just like the Masters, we played our 2nd Hootie tournament in less than six (6) months due to Covid. On the weekend on April 17-18, a group of 36 players from Cripple Creek competed over the beautiful creek course in almost perfect April weather. [You can read about the 2020 Hootie here and here.]

I also wrote about the 2019 Hootie here and you can read a short history of the Hootie here.

This year’s Hootie tournament, run by Mr. Robel’ and Striker Dewey, was a hybrid model. Day 1 featured individual net stableford play in 3 groups – White tee, White/Golf hybrid tees, and Gold tees – all based on handicap groupings. Day 2 featured better ball of partners where the spouses of the lowest 18 handicap players drew partners for their husbands from among the highest 18 handicap players.

Cripple Creek’s greens were fire this weekend. Kudos to Glen and his staff for double cutting and rolling our beautiful greens on Saturday and then cutting them again Sunday morning. Your Hack was paired with Ryan, Striker and Mr. Robel’ Day 1. After 37 putts for the round that included three, 3-putt displays, I ended up with only 25 points. Adding my handicap of 5 resulted in only 30 total Stableford points, tied with Mr. Robel’ in our foursome.

Overall, Group 1 (White Tees) was boat raced by the Silent Assassin, one Don Boteler with 33 total points. The Assassin has been on a strong run lately raking greenbacks from the pockets of other players in our group. Well done! The Senator placed 2nd with 31 points while Haines, Mr. Robel’ and your Hack split the paltry 3rd place prize.

Round 1 Leaderboard

Group 2 (White/Gold Hybrid) was won by Lefty Vallese with 37 points. Decker – who remains on handicap watch – placed 2nd with 36 points and Witmer took 3rd with 34 points. I’m happy to report that Decker has a new nickname – The Poet. Questions? Just Google “Mark Okey Decker“.

Group 3 (Gold Tees) was taken by the Big Dog with 36 points, while Doc and Ski took the place and show prizes with 35 and 32 points respectively.

We ended day one with 68 players and spouses gathering at the Club for drinks and dinner and the draw for Sunday’s partner matches. It was great to see everyone together at the club, even though we were separated into tables of 4 and not able to gather in the bar for drinks. As was indicated earlier, the lowest 18 handicaps were listed on the draw board and their spouses drew their Sunday partners names.

As you can see below, Mrs. Hack drew Hunsberger as my partner. I offered $100 to Tom if he would let his wife play in his stead, but the offer was rebuffed by Cynthia who demanded the money for herself. Sharper readers will recall that Hun the Handicap was Hack’s partner in the 2020 Hootie, where we came in 8th.

Sunday was an almost perfect day for golf. The wind stayed under 10 mph and the sun was out with temperatures into the mid-60’s. After my performance on and around the greens on Saturday, I spent my entire warmup on the putting green and an additional period on the chipping green getting used to the speed. No full swings at all.

The field was setup with three (3) groups on the 17th, 18th, and 1st tees for a shotgun start and we all knew we were in for a long day. Hun the Handicap and I were paired with Ramrod and the Big Dog as the first group off the 17th tee. All players were using the White/Gold Modified tees for the day which reduces the course to a little over 5600 yards. The day started ugly when I hit a drive left on 17 to about 210 from the green but in the first cut. Unfortunately, I ended up playing the wrong ball on my second shot which resulted in a 2 stroke penalty and I though I was out of the hole. When my partner then rinsed two (2) balls into the water, we decided to go back and play my original ball and see what happens. I hit my 3-hybrid onto the green about 40 feet above the front pin. If you know the 17th green, you’ll know the putt is faster than fast. I hit my putt about 5 feet and watched it slowly roll on a good line and creep to a stop about 18 inches from the cup. A tap in for a 6, net 5 and we were even par – lucky! But we had definitely missed a huge opportunity as a birdie or net eagle was available on that hole. In fact, the eventual winners made a 4, net 3 eagle on the hole gaining 2 shots on the field average of 5.

Hun the Handicap, Big Dog and Ramrod by the 6th Tee

Hun the Handicap and I ended up have a great day shooting 66, but Ramrod and the Big Dog struggled to a 1 over par 72. The Hun made a great par, net birdie from the front bunker on #3, our 4th hole of the day. I added birdies on #8 and #10 and net birdies on #6, #14, and #18, but our card was hurt by bad bogeys on #5 (3-putt) and #11 (bad chip from fringe). Still, 5 under was strong given the toughness of the greens and we felt good as we waited for scores to be posted. We didn’t have to wait long . . .

Doc and the Poet turned out to be the overall winners. Starting on 18, Doc made 3 net birdies and a net eagle on his first 7 holes before calming down. Even though the team was 5 under at this point, I heard from his playing partners that the scowl never left his face. The Poet added a net birdie of his own on #9, but they’d made a couple of bogeys in the interim and followed with another bogey on #10. After just cruising for the next few holes, they came to the 16th tee (16 & 17 were their final 2 holes of the day) just 3 under par. The pin was back left and the Poet hit his shot to the front left of the green, sank the 45 footer for a net eagle. Not to be outdone, Doc made birdie, net eagle on 17, their final hole of the day. Yes, that’s right. These guys made 3 net eagles on the day, plus 5 net birdies and finished 7 under, 64 to take the 2021 Hootie. Well done fellas.

Here are the final standings for the teams in the money.

Dewey/Donnelly, Joe69T-6

I added the chart above, because Mr. Robel’s chicken scratches in the picture below made it hard to follow what’s what on the leaderboard. Special shoutout to Hurricane and Cookie for their masterful 78 to finish DFL. The Councilman and Camp Master Browne also had a tough day as the only other team above par.

My special memory of the day was Lefty Vallese on #6. He was trying to hit his second shot near the fence surrounding the gray house on the right. The new owner’s dog was jumping up and down, barking at Lefty as he stubbed his shot right and over the fence into the dog’s yard OB. I was watching from the 5th fairways while we were waiting for the green to clear. It was awesome!

Everyone had a good time on the back patio while scores were posted and lies were told about about how well or how poorly we all played. It was the perfect ending to a great couple days.

Your Hack was disappointed by the format of the Hootie this year. I had lobbied hard for a 2-day individual Stableford format taking us back to the glory days of the early Hootie years. Most of the other events we typically play as a group are events with teammates – the Three Man Scramble, the Chowder and President’s Cups, etc. and I wanted the Hootie to go back to the days of individual play and thought the Stableford format would work better than strictly a net score. Over-ruled sir! We went with Day 1 Stableford and Day 2 Team Net Better Ball as described and had separate prize pools for each day. The result, smaller prizes overall and less reward for overall play for the two days. At least, we didn’t see an incredible blowout like last year.

With such a wide variety of handicaps from 0 to 20 something and players used to playing alternate tees, the organizers felt this was the best approach. I have to say that they did a fantastic job with the event overall. Everyone seemed happy over the two (2) days and that’s what’s important. It’s nice to see the old group and new additions together again.

Thank you Mr. Robel’ and the Striker for a fine job . . . .

Well Deserved Refreshments for the Organizers

The next Group event will not be until the Chowder Cup this Fall. In the interim, your Hack will continue to blog about his golf game, tournament events, and anything golf related that comes to mind. Keep it in the short grass!

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Harbour Town – RBC Heritage

Tournament Recap:

Cink shot 70 in the final round to win by 4 shots. It was his second win since September of 2020 and, at 47 years old, gives his a real career boost. Morikawa was my guy and he had a disappointing Sunday with an early bogey on the first par 5. He couldn’t seem to sink any putts and fell to a T7 finish. Guess I made a bad choice to put 5 units on him to beat Cink yesterday morning. Fortunately, Stuard came through.

Overall, your Hack dropped 4.6 units over the week, bringing the YTD total to down 22.2 units overall.

Sunday Morning:

It was a tough day at Harbour Town for Your Hack’s matchup bets and a tough day at the Hootie for your Hack’s golf game (more on that when I wrap-up the Hootie). I went 0-2-1 on my match bets and am now down for the tournament after a good two opening days.

Final Round Plays: I think Cink falters today and Morikawa finally gets hot with his putter. I’m putting 2.5 units on Colin to come back and win this things at +500. I’m also taking him to bet Cink by at least 1/2 shot for 5 units at -155. My last play today is betting that Zalatoris is gassed. I’m taking Stuard at +155 for 5 units.

It’s also Day 2 of the 2021 Hootie at Cripple Creek. We have a 9:15 shotgun start for the 2-man team better ball competition. Let’s go . . . .

Saturday Morning:

63-63 from Stewart Cink! Wow – it really must help to have your son on the bag.

Your Hack was right about Cam Smith yesterday as he shot even and fell back, losing his match to Conners. Your Hack went 2-1-0 yesterday – very nice.

Today, I’m taking Si Woo (-115) over Kuchar; Cam Davis (+110) over Streelman, and Glover (-115) over Thompson. 2 units each wager.

Also, I’m playing the first round of the Hootie this morning. Wish your Hack luck.

Friday Morning:

Cam Smith (and his mullet) goes berserk on Harbour Town shooting 9 under gaining almost 7 shots on and around the green! He’s almost 80th in approach play so he can’t keep this up right? I’m taking Conners (-120) over Smith today for 2 units.

We went 1-1-0 on yesterdays matches. In addition to the above, I’m adding An (+160) over Kirk and Morikawa (+135) over Cantlay/Garcia.

I don’t see a lot of value in outrights after Round 1, but I’m taking a flyer on Zalatoris at +2800.

I’m playing golf today so won’t be able to watch much live. Good luck all.

We are back at Harbour Town Golf Links for this week’s PGA Tour stop and I love this Pete Dye masterpiece.

Your Hack’s betting card is a little light this morning because, for the first time this year, I missed the 7 AM cut-off to get in my outright bets. With two (2) days of tournament play earlier this week, I wasn’t able to do my research until last night and I didn’t get all my bets in. I’ll have to live bet any outrights over the next couple of days if I see anything I like. I was planning to be on Morikawa, Si Woo Kim, Kisner, Kizzire, Nesmith and Fitzpatrick and then add in some longer odds on Herman at 400-1, but that’s what happens some time.

I’ve got Morikawa this week for my One and Done pick – I’m currently 26th of 147 players in my OAD league as Jordan’s top 5 finish at the Masters moved me up again. I really like his tee-to-green game at Harbour Town.

Betting Card:

First Round LeaderUnitsOdds
Hoffman 0.504500
Si Woo Kim0.505000
Tournament MatchupsUnitsOdds
Si Woo > Billy Ho2.00-115
Nesmith > Garnett1.00-120
Hoffman > Streelman1.00-125
Hadwin > Ghin1.00-130
Morikawa > Berger1.00-110
Thursday MatchesUnitsOdds
Cam Smith > Duncan/Munoz2.00120
Kisner > Pan/Bryan2.00105

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The DSGA Spring Classic

Mr. Robel’ and your Hack teamed up to compete in the Delaware State Golf Association’s (DSGA) first event of the year on Monday and Tuesday. The Spring Classic was a 2-man team event, flighted, and scored on total net Stableford points. Points were earned as follows: 4-eagle, 3-birdie, 2-par, 1-bogey, 0 double bogey or worse. The competition was played over 18 holes at King’s Creek on Monday and then 18 holes at Rehoboth Country Club on Tuesday. Individual partner points were based on the net score for the hole and then added together for the team score.

We began the tournament with a 1 PM shotgun start on the 16th hole on Monday and I was not prepared for the weather. Cold, windy and wet are not a good combination for the opening round of a tournament. Combine that with poor planning on my part in selecting clothes for the day, and it spells trouble.

By the time we were on the second green of the day, I was already shaking from the cold and damp – not even able to hold my putter steady over the ball. As you can see on the scorecard below, I made exactly 2 points for the team in the first 5 holes that included 3 double bogeys and a 3-putt bogey on #17. I threw in a couple of pars here and there, a net birdie on #3 and a real birdie on #10, but that was in a mix that included 5 doubles and 2 triples. Halfway through the round, I just wanted to get off the course. I can’t remember the last time I posted a 90!

Luckily, Mr. Robel’ kept us in the tournament with a fairly steady 84. Ignoring his partner’s incredibly poor start, he was able to earn us 32 overall points. His round included a natural birdie on #7 and 4 net birdies. Unfortunately, he also threw several double bogeys into the mix as well.

We ended the day with only 54 points and were in 7th place in the 13 team Flight 1. We had some work to do on Day 2 for sure. Here is the score card and yes we did put down the wrong number of points on a couple of holes, but these were corrected officially.

Note: on #16 I should have gotten 1 point for a bogey and Mike should have gotten 2 points for a par on #17.

The weather was a little better on Tuesday at Rehoboth Beach or at least I was dressed more appropriately. We had an 8:30 AM shotgun start on the 10th hole. We knew we had work to do and we decided to start off by each making birdie on our first hole. Of course, we followed that up in true “Hack” fashion by each making a double bogey 6 on the following hole – luckily we each got a stroke and therefore a point for a net bogey. After I bogeyed the next hole with a bad 3 putt, I could feel the wheels starting to get wobbly and all I could think about was the disaster that was our first round.

I’m happy to report that we were able to steady the ship and finish our first nine with 34 stableford points compared to 23 points on our first 9 holes the first day of the tournament. I made the turn in 38 with 3 birdies and an additional net birdie and my partner added a birdie, a net birdie and four (4) pars. The strong play continued on our second nine where we added seven (7) birdies or net birdies and another 33 stableford points to bring our total to 67 points, a tournament total of 121 points.

We’d moved up 3 spots to 4th, just 8 points behind the winners. Although our 3 spot jump was the best in Flight 1, it was not enough to overcome our dismal first day. Mr. Robel’ was steady, shooting 84 both days, while your Hack’s 90-76 was very disappointing. It’s so easy to play “what-if” and find 9 additional points in that first round.

The DSGA did a great job running the tournament, although play was very slow. They announced that they would deduct two (2) stableford points from any team that did not post their scorecards within 4 hours and 45 minutes from the start of the shotgun, and some team evidently thought that meant they could take that long to play. Unfortunately, this included our playing partners on the first day. It was way too cold and wet to stand around watching them deliberate over everything. Other than that however, I would very pleased with the overall tournament and it feels good to get the first one of the year under my belt.

So what happened? How can a Hack (you’ll notice on the website and the printed cards that even the DSGA recognizes “Golf Hack Baxter”) shoot 90 on day 1 and then turn around and shoot 76 in the final round. To be honest, I wish I know. Even though I had five (5) birdies on Tuesday at Rehoboth, I still had 34 putts for the entire round, including three 3-putts. I did hit 12 of 18 greens with 6 of them inside of 15 feet and was able to convert 5 of those 6 opportunities for 1 putts. And, the course played shorter in terms of the par 5’s where I was able to make 2-putt birdies on 2 of those holes. That said, I only hit 6 of 14 fairways. Your Hack has some work to do, especially when playing tournament golf.

Here are the final standings for Flight 1 in the tournament from the DSGA/Blu Golf website. I was thrilled to be the highlight for sure. Thanks for all of the support readers have sent me over the past couple of days. It means a lot.

You can view the full leaderboard and click through all of the Flights and Individual scores cards at this link:

Cripple Creek, Golf

Sunday Redemption

Sometimes a little game of Wolf can set things back on the right track. Only four (4) of us went out early on Masters’ Sunday – Your Hack, the Sheriff, the Striker, and the Councilman. For our Wolf game, we teed off in order of handicap with strokes given off my cap. The dots were not large – just a calm, friendly game.

After solid Hogan’s (fairway hit, green hit, 2 putt pars) on the first three (3) holes, I went Wolf before my tee shot on #4 which triples the dot value. I left my second shot just off the green right of the pin and was able to get up and for birdie and the win – 9 dots. After a good drive into the middle of the fairway on #5, the old Hack suddenly surfaced as I hit a sloppy 7-iron into the right bunker, chunked the bunker shot short of the fringe and then hit a poor chip. My bogey putt was off target and boom – double bogey.

Usually, this would put me on tilt, but yesterday was different. I was able to put it out of my mind and finish the front with three (3) straight pars and a tap-in birdie on the 9th. The biggest highlight on the front came courtesy of the Sheriff. On #7, he was above the middle/front pin in the fringe and hit a perfect 20 footer over a ridge and down the hill to drain his birdie. To top it off, he’d basically called it before striking the put.

The back nine started with a lipped out birdie put on #10, a nuked bunker shot on #11 that flew the green for a bogey and then a 10 footer for birdie on #12. After a par on #13, I hit a 3-wood from the up tees which left me a chance to go for the green on #14. My shot needed to draw around the pine tree but I ended up hitting a straight bullet pin high right of the green. My chip up the hill from the depression was clunky and I made a poor bogey to go one over for the day. After solid pars on the next three (3) holes, your Hack came to the 18th tee box needing one last birdie to shoot even par for the day.

It might have been my propensity for the “big right miss” when hitting into the wind, but I swung too hard and yanked my drive left and was about 10 yards in front of the 9th green! Luckily I still had a shot at the correct green. Unluckily, my high 3 wood caught the top branch of the last tree and dropped left about 30 yards from the putting surface. Maybe it was the end of the day or maybe I don’t have the mental toughness needed for finish a round, but I ended up butchering a couple of chips and making an ugly double bogey to finish the day at 74 – 3 over par.

The Sheriff had gone Wolf on the last hole and doubled the dot value on the tee. The Striker came through for the three (3) of us to edge out the Sheriff when he couldn’t get up and down from the left. The final Wolf results left him down 16 dots, Striker up 2 dots, Councilman up 2 dots and your Hack up 12 dots for the day. All in all, a good day.

DSGA Spring Classic

Mr. Robel’ and I are headed to Kings Creek today for our first tournament of the year. It’s Stableford Better Ball and we are in Flight 1. Today is a 1PM shotgun start and tomorrow’s round at Rehoboth is an 8:30 shotgun start. If you are interested, you can follow along with the live leader board at the link below:

Leaderboard Link

Here is my card from Sunday:


Fairways: 10/14

Greens: 14/18

Putts: 33 (0 3-putts)

Cripple Creek, Golf

A Little Friday Pain

With only seven (7) players on Friday, the game was individual Stableford scoring and then adding your GHIN handicap to the total. Triple bogey or worse was minus 1 point and birdies were worth 4 points. We paid the top 3 places.

Your Hack, the Broker and the young Broker-to-be (Austin, age 14) led off, followed by Striker, Decker, Boteler and Trust Fund.

Young Austin had a tough day. He has a beautiful swing and hit some awesome shots, but the speed and pin locations on slopes gave him fits. Among his highlights, the young Broker-to-be hit a beautiful wedge to a back right hole location on #3 that came to rest 4 1/2 feet above and right of the hole. He calmly drained the putt for birdie. Austin also made beautiful up and down for par on #16 from the front left bunker, as he proceeded for take his Dad for $20 over the last 4 holes of the match.

Striker has returned to form shooting a 77 that included a 1 over 36 on the front and a birdie on long par 4 5th hole. He had a great round only marred by a triple on #17, which ultimately dropped him from First to second place in the Stableford.

The Stableford winner was Decker who is officially on handicap watch. Playing as a 14, Mark promptly birdied the first hole out of the gate and cruised to a 3 over 38 on the front. Steady play on the back, with only one double bogey led to an 82 and the win. I need a good nickname for Mark. Suggestions?

Boteler (need a nickname here as well) had a bi-polar approach to yesterday’s match, birdieing #8 for a 39 on the front. He followed this up with another birdie on #12. Don was 7 over through 15 holes on his way to breaking 80. Alas, like Icarito he flew too close to the sun and finished with a double and 2 triples to shoot 86.

Trust Fund did Trust Fund things with 3 triple bogeys and 2 double bogeys. He did however gain a tie for 3rd place with Boteler by making birdies on #10 and #13.

Here were the final scores and total Stableford points:

Trust Fund108633
Golf Hack58528

Your Hack posted the worst round of the short season, limping home with a triple bogey, double bogey, double bogey finish to shoot 85 that included a 4 putt double on 17 after hitting a 3-wood onto the green from 230 out. Three (3) penalty shots – lost ball in the range on #9, shanked OB over the townhomes on 16, and a bladed sand shot into the hazard behind 18 – and 34 putts. BTW – did you even know there was a hazard behind the 18th green?

Here’s my psyco-scorecard. (it shows today’s date because I entered the scores this morning from yesterday’s paper scorecard)

Your Hack has some practice work to do this weekend to get ready for the first tournament of the year. Mr. Robel’ and I are teaming up to play the DSGA Spring Classic. 1 PM shotgun on Monday at Kings Creek and an 8:30 AM shotgun Tuesday at Rehoboth. The format is a 36 hole Net Stableford format in flights.

If you’d like to follow along, here is the link to the live leaderboard:

DSGA Spring Classic Leaderboard