Tournament Preparation

Haven’t posted in a week because the weather has not been good for golf on the Eastern Shore. Continued rain and cold have limited preparation for my first big tournament of the year – The Men’s Invitational at Fiddlesticks in Fort Myers, FL. However, I did get in two (2) rounds this past week. Continue reading


I’m Tired of This Constant Rain

When you play golf, rain is not your friend. When you live in coastal Delaware and it’s winter, rain is definitely not your friend . And, when it seems to have rained almost daily this winter, you’re ready to go crazy (if you haven’t already!)

So what do you do when you haven’t played a regular round since last Sunday? Continue reading


At Least I Beat Jordan

Winter golf can be tough and Sunday at Cripple Creek was no exception.  With temps in the high 30’s to low 40’s, it was hard to stay warm and loose.  In addition, I wore about 4 layers of clothes and winter golf gloves which reduces your swing flexibility and deadens your feel.    With that said, at least I beat Jordan Spieth. Continue reading


I Need Phil to Win the AT&T Pro Am

We played at Cripple Creek today (38 and sunny), and my team got smoked because I played so poorly. The good news is that I put $5 on Phil to win the AT&T at 25 to 1 and he has a 3 shot lead with 2 holes to go as the horn just blew to end play for the day. We’ll have to see what happens tomorrow morning. I know, I’m a degenerate . . . Continue reading