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Wednesday Game

Twelve of us gathered at the Creek yesterday for our regular Wednesday game. Because your Hack has fallen in love with Simon’s carryover skins game, we played it again. The first 14 holes were worth $10 each, while the final 4 holes were $25 each. We played at 80% of GHIN handicaps with strokes based off my cap. With $240 in the pot, we teed off under sunny skies with a mild breeze and temps in the 50’s. The greens were the fastest we’d seen at the Creek in months and “someone” from the grounds crew had a fight with his spouse that morning and put some of the pins in crazy hard spots.

The lead group consisted of the Voice, Trust Fund, yours truly, and a blast from the past. The Broker, an old friend re-joined Cripple Creek and was our fourth. The Broker hasn’t played much golf over the past couple of years – busy with two young boys and a hectic mortgage business – so he was allowed to play at his old 10 handicap. Hey, he’s a degenerate gambler on course, so he was warmly welcomed. The Broker and I teamed up in a Nassau with auto 2-downs against the Voice and Trust Fund to keep things interesting.

My partner made a nice steady par on #1 to beat our opponents’ bogeys and we went 1 up. Your Hack rolled in a curling 15 footer for birdie on #2 to beat Trust Fund’s par and we were 2 up and even. It was a nice start, but the Voice doesn’t even get interested until there are presses in play. After halving #3 with pars, I sprayed a drive OB right and the Voice made par to beat the bogey made by my partner. He followed with a bogey, net par on #5 when I couldn’t get up and down from the front left bunker and if was now even, down 2, and even.

The Broker and I were in good shape on #6 sitting in the fairway between 140 and 150 out. Both of our opponents missed the green and we both made 2-putt pars. Both opponents missed 5-6 footers for par. We were now 1 up, even, and 1 up going to the par 3 eighth. Unfortunately, I decided to 3-putt the 8th after being the only player to hot the green. The Voice made a gutsy 4 out of an embedded lie in the hazard in front of the green. #8 was also halved and we went in to the last hole on the front in good shape.

It would come down to me and the Trust Fund on #9 as both our partners made a mess of things and were out of the hole. I was sitting about 15 feet right of the pin and he was on the back fringe, down hill all the way. Remember what I’d said earlier about the greens? Well, he proceeded to roll his ball past the hole at a pace that carried it off the green again. He was still out, about 20 feet below the pin and it looked like we’d win the front 3 ways until the stone cold assassin drained it! I left my birdie putt on the left edge and another hole was halved, but we’d one the front 1 up and the 2 pushes cancelled.

It turned out when we tabulated the skins after the round that my birdie on #2 picked up 2 skins and that the remaining 7 skins on the front were all carried over. More on that later.

On the back nine our Nassau bet doubles, but the value of any presses remains at the original amount. We’d never get to the point on the back where a press came into play – it was a solid and stressful match. Holes 10-12 were halved with pars when the Broker jammed a birdie putt into the cup on #4 for a 1 up lead. The Voice matched that with a beautiful birdie on the par 5, 14th hole. He hit his wedge to about 6 feet and rolled it in. I was out of the hole after hitting another drive OB right and my partner also made a double.

We were back even until I made an up and down par on #16 that our opponents couldn’t match. 1 up and 2 holes to go, but our opponents each got strokes on the last 2 holes. The Voice and I both made par on #17, but they took the hole with his net birdie and we went into the last hole all square on the back. The Broker also stroked on the last hole and was on in two, but deep into the green with a front pin. Both of our opponents missed the green, as did I. Luckily, I was able to get up and down for par, but my partner 3-putted and their bogey, net pars halved the hole.

Overall, it was a great match and lots of fun. I still hate giving strokes on the last 2 holes of the course, but that’s the Hack life.

Let’s get back to the carryover birdie games among the whole group. The carryovers continued on the front 9 until the Broker’s birdie on #13 cleared and he picked up 11 skins. Hurricane slammed a birdie home on #16 to pick up 3 skins and the Senator made a late appearance with a par, net birdie on #18 to pick-up the last 2 skins of the day.

All in, a great day. Golf game was shaky at times with 2 balls OB and only 8 greens in regulation. I did have only 1 3-putt on some tough greens, but 31 putts in total. Here’s my card.

Hack’s Continued Erratic Play

Our next planned game in Friday. I’m currently watching the Masters on 3 screens while writing this blog. Nothing could be better. The Masters’ app is awesome.

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The 2021 Masters


What more needs to be said? Deki wins and your Hack is happy.

Respect for Augusta National’s Golf Course

We ended the week up 20.14 units bringing our YTD back down to minus 17.78 units. Matchups went 6-3-2 in our favor, but lost on all first round leader, Top 5 and Top 10 bets. Of course, we had the Deki +4500 ticket to win which was our 3rd outright winner of the year so far – Homa at the Genesis, JT at the Players and now Matsuyama at the Masters.

On the the RBC Heritage at Harbour Town Golf Links next week.

Masters Sunday:

Welcome to “golf’s highest holy day” (tip of the hat to Will Bardwell’s Lying Four blog). Yes, it’s Masters Sunday once again and we all know the tournament doesn’t really start until the back nine today. One could argue that the real tournament started after yesterday’s rain delay. That’s when Deki blitzed the back with a 30 to take a 4 shot lead over Rose, Xander, Zalatoris, and Leishman. I’d argue that only two (2) players actually “moved” on Moving Day. Deki jumped up dramatically, and JT dropped down dramatically after his triple on the 13th. Your Hack is feeling good holding a Deki ticket to win at +4500, but it is the Masters and it’s always hard to follow up after a 65.

If the only Japanese player to hold a lead at the Masters stumbles, I still have Zalatoris (4 shots back) and Spieth (6 shots back) tickets that are live. Jordan may be too far back but he lost almost 2 1/2 strokes putting yesterday. Definitely not Spieth being Spieth. Can he light it up on Sunday like 2018 when he was chasing Reed?

We went 2-0-1 yesterday in matchups with the push between Phil and Molinari. Reed & Scheffler came through to win. Today, I’m taking Oosty (+100) > Kokrak and Leishman (+105) > Rose. Both for 2 units.

Finally, for your amusement, a repeat of the play of the day . . . .

Saturday Morning:

What a strange, strange trip we are on. DJ, Brooks, Rory, Day, Cantlay & Im all miss the cut at the Masters. Unfortunately, I had tickets on Day & Cantlay so we burnt 2 units on that speculation. On the plus side, your Hack still has live tickets on Spieth, JT, Deki, Si Woo, and Zalatoris. Of course, you have this . . .

Si Woo Kim Putting with his 3 Wood!

At +11000 to win, my boy snaps his putter in frustration and has to putt on 16, 17 and 18 with his 3 wood to finish round 2. Luckily, in got in to the house with 3 pars and shot 69 on the day and is sitting at T6 with Justin Thomas.

We went 0-1-1 on yesterday’s two matchup bets as Scott lost and Tommy Lad halved his match with Fitz. On the Thick Boy front, Bryson came storming back with his best putting round on Augusta National and killed my wagers that Rory and DJ would beat him. Of course, both of these favorites missing the cut didn’t help. I do still have JT > Bryson live and my Champ bet paid out with Lanto Griffin missing the cut.

With the leaderboard tightened up, today should be a fantastic watch. I place 3 matchup bets this morning – Phil (-105) > Molinaro, Reed (-125) over English, and Scheffler (-115) over Lord Tyrrell Hatton.

Have fun today!

Friday Morning:

I thought Deki had a chance to cash my first round leader ticket until he bogeyed coming in and Rose played the back 9 of his life. Good sweat though. I’m not buying Rosie going forward and put 2 units on Adam Scott to beat him in today’s matchup at +120. Also, put 2 units on Fleetwood (nice Ace) over Fitz today at -105.

Your Hack also live bet Hovland ( 1/2 unit @ +4500), Kokrak (1/2 unit @ +4500) and Scheffler (1/3 unit @ +6000) this morning.

Enjoy the golf all day. I’m playing at 11:30 and will update the blog tonight or tomorrow. Also, good luck to the Senator and the Voice playing in the Master’s Tournament today and this weekend at Ocean City and Cripple Creek.

Thursday Morning:

Just prior to cut-off, I updated my card adding First Rounder Leaders, Top 5, Top 10, and Tournament Matchups. You can see in the Tournament Matchups that I hate Bryson this week and am stacking against him versus other favorites. We’ll see how that goes. Scroll down to see my original post and LFG! It’s Master’s Thrusday.

First Round LeaderUnitsOdds
Top 5 UnitsOdds
Si Woo Kim1.002000
Top 10UnitsOdds
Tournament MatchupsUnitsOdds
Champ > Griffin2.00115
Rory > Bryson2.00105
DJ > Bryson2.00-135
JT > Bryson2.00110

Imagine sitting down to dinner here last night? It’s too bad Tiger was missing, but both JT and Rory said they visited him last week – wonder if they were looking for inspiration?

Yes, it’s Wednesday before the Masters and your Hack is basically trembling with excitement. Can DJ go back to back in 6 months? Will Keopka’s knee collapse? Can Rory finally complete his Grand Slam? Will a rookie win for the first time since Fred Couples? Will Spieth do Spieth things? Will the “Big Golfer” Bryson over power Augusta? Or, will Ian Woosnam simply explode on the course from eating too many Waffle House home fires?

I wonder about all these things, but what has me really juiced is turning around my bankroll this week. I’ve saved Jordan for my One and Done all year and he’s my guy at Augusta – even coming off last week’s win in Texas. I’m not as worried about his driver because you can miss fairways at the Masters. It’s all about putting the ball on the right part of the green and making putts. That’s what Spieth has been doing so well and I’m all in.

Before unveiling my betting card, I have to share the funniest thing I’ve seen this week from Augusta.

At least we know now what Vijay was thinking . . . . I’m off to play our Wednesday game with the boys at Cripple Creek later today. Here’s my early betting card for the Masters which I’ll update tonight.

Masters Betting Card

Si Woo Kim0.2511000

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Easter Golf & A New Nickname

It was a beautiful day at the Creek on Sunday, but only five (5) of us teed it up. The Sheriff’s back is acting up again and he had to bow out. We played as a fivesome – the Hack, the Voice, the Senator and the Jr. Senator teed off at 10:10, playing with one Mr. Dewey, who will now be known as the Striker. His controlled cut off the tee and excellent iron play crushed us. Even with 2 bad doubles on the back nine, Striker took home nine (9) skins to lead the band.

Your Hack borrowed Simon’s carryover skins game from Saturday and it was a big hit. I have to admit it took a while to settle things at the end because your Hack had a little trouble with math – long story, I’ll tell you sometime if you are interested.

The Jr. Senator came out of the pack strong with a birdie on the 4th hole to take four (4) skins. Your Hack was sitting 6 feet off the front of the green in two (2) but couldn’t convert his birdie to halve. Although it was not technically a 3-putt par it felt exactly the same as my true 3-putt bogey on #1 to start the round. I’d add one more 3-putt later in the round to crush my soul with 33 total putts.

Striker made a smooth par/net birdie on the 6th to pick-up two (2) skins as we headed to the 7th tee. I was skinless, but feeling good until I cold shanked my 7-iron int the pine trees on the right and lost the ball – easy double bogey as I re-teed after a futile search. Pars halved the hole and the 8th, when Striker absolutely flushed an approach into the 9th green, that rolled back off the back of the green and came to rest about 6 inches from the left back pin. Birdie and 3 more skins.

As we made the turn, the next three (3) holes were halved. Only Striker and I hit the green on #13, but a sloppy 3-putt by your Hack gave the hole to the Striker – 4 more skins. We played the par 5 14th hole from the up tees which definitely brought birdie into play. I hit my 2nd shot pin high right, but the Jr. Senator flushed a 6 iron onto the front of the green which led to an easy 2 putt birdie and a skin after I could not get up and down for my birdie.

We moved onto the 16th hole where I launched a 5 iron out of bounds (my fairly typical big right miss on this hole). This lead to another double and my second penalty shot of the round. Striker was the only player to make par adding another skin.

The skin value doubled on the last two (2) holes, but 17 was halved with par/net birdies from the Voice and Striker. I made par as well, but no strokes – this becomes important as we headed to 18. With wind blowing in our faces, the Voice and I hit good drives that left us about 200 yard in. Steve hit an indifferent approach short right and my hybrid was tugged a little left, pin high about 3 feet off the putting surface. The Voice got up and down for a bogey, net par and I left my birdie putt about 10 inches short – easy par to finish. However, the rules state that ties on 18 are “played off” on #17 by the players that halved #18. Steve’s par/net birdie on 17 beat my par giving him both skins to end the match.

This left the Senator and I as the only players failing to earn a skin. The Senator’s play was haphazard most of the day and he immediately headed to the range to try and work things out. I choose the more “Hack-like” approach to bad round and had a beer on the back deck with Striker. We’ll try again on Wednesday.

Here is my scorecard – 79 (8 over) with two 3-putts, two penalty shots, and no birdies. I hit 9 of 14 fairways, but was 3 over on the 4 fairways where I went left. It was the par 3’s that were a disaster – 5 over on the par 3’s for the day with penalty shots on two (2) of them and a 3-putt on one – just pitiful.

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Skins Game With the “Old” Group

Your Hack had a fun throwback round of golf on Saturday with members of the “Group”. It was the regular Saturday game run by Simon who was kind enough to let me join in at the last minute. Friday’s bad weather cancelled my regular match and I had the itch to play and post my first “official” round of the season. In Delaware, April 1st is when we start posting scores for handicap purposes.

Before we dive into yesterday’s game, let’s talk about last year and some goals for 2021.

I ended last year with a 5.5 handicap, which was the highest “cap” I’ve had in quite a while. My low handicap of the year was 2.5 in May/June of 2020 and the lowest round of 2020 was a 74 from the hybrid black/white tees at Cripple Creek. Not an inspiring year of golf for your Hack as I battled recurring putting woes, some serious and unexpected hozzle rockets and, as always, the big right and big left misses off the tee.

Over the winter, I made some equipment changes and have seen some progress. I switched out my Scottie for a Bettinardi BB1 putter and have seen some improvement. A replacement set of Titleist irons (4 through PW) and a driving iron were added, as well as two (2) new wedges – Titleist Vokey SM7 Tour Chrome Wedges, 52 and 58 degree with 12 degree bounce. I remain committed to the Titleist Pro V1 ball but am starting to look for a new driver to replace my Taylormade M1 which is about 5 or 6 years of technology behind.

Goals for 2021:

  • Lower Handicap to 2.0 or better
  • Play more tournament golf
  • Birdie every hole at Cripple Creek from both the white & black tees
  • Make the cut at the Delaware Amateur
  • Win the Cripple Creek Club Championship & the Senior Club Championship

So, with that out of the way, let’s get back to the skin’s game with the Group. Simon organized a carryover skins game where the first 12 holes were worth $10 and the last 6 were worth $20 a piece. We had 13 players ($260 pot) and your Hack played with no strokes. If there was no skin on #18, the players who tied would go back to #17 scores to determine a winner and if they tied again, they would go back to the scores on #16 and so on until a winner was determined. As you’ll see this was important.

I was paired with Simon (11 strokes) and Dave W. (9) in the first group out. We were followed by a gold tee group consisting of little Dickie Moore (8), Frog (12), and JoJo (10). Fallon (8), Condo (13), Old Tom Morris (13), and the Monsignor (11) played from the white tees, while John Roth (3), his son-in-law (13) and son (not in the game) were the caboose.

Dave made a great birdie on #3 to lead off the scoring in our group. His great putt must have inspired your Hack, because I went on to birdie the next 3 holes to get to 2 under for the round. I missed a little 4 footer for par on 7 and then left another birdie putt on the lip on 8. I was feeling great sitting 160 yards from the pin on 9, but I had to hit a low cut under the branches of the big tree on the right to get the ball close to the pin. It was not be as I didn’t keep the ball low enough and it deflected off a branch and dropped. After a shanked wedge, a poor chip and 2 putts, I carded a double bogey to make the turn at 36 – 1 over par.

What followed on the back 9 was not pretty. A shanked wedge on 10 led to bogey, a pulled approach on 11 made it bogey-bogey to start the holes coming home. Pars on 12 and 13 settled things down, but an out of bounds, big right miss on 14 led to another double and a shanked chip, followed by a shanked bunker shot let to another double on 16. I started to see things spiral out of control, but made a good up and down on 17 for par and then left a makable birdie putt short on 18 for an ending par. Good finish, but an ugly 42 on the back to end the round at 7 over and post a 78 for the first official score of the season.

On the skin’s side of the match, all three (3) birdies cleared and my par on 18 was halved by JoJo’s bogey net par so we went to the 17th hole scores. Luckily, my up and down par beat JoJo’s “X” and I was able to add two (2) more skins to the total. Dave W.’s birdie on #3 held up and Old Tom Morris, Fallon, and Condo also grabbed skins. John Roth’s son-in law carded a 2, net 1 on #16 and grabbed a couple of carryover skins for a big win as well.

Golf Hack’s Card 4/2/31

It was a blast playing with the boys Saturday, although we fought through a tough pace of play as the groups out first that day at the Creek were SLOW. It took us almost 2 1/2 hours to play the back 9. I know it took a toll on me as I was completely out of my rhythm on the back. But, I need to be able to deal with this better if I’m going to play better tournament golf this year.

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Valero Texas Open


Yeah baby – he won! And his odds for this week’s Master drop to +1000 making him the 3rd favorite behind DJ (+800) and Bryson (+900). Four (4) players have perviously won the tournament the week before the Masters . . .

Spieth did Spieth Things in Texas

Another tough week for your Hack betting golf. I had 10 units riding on Outrights and First Round Leaders, but nothing on Spieth (I’d been holding out for him this week!). Hoffman, who came in 2nd, was my closest and it helped that I had him in my One and Done. I moved up to 46th out of 148 in that contest.

For the week, I was down 10.3 units. I won all three (3) tournament match-ups which offset my loses in Top 5 and Top 20 bets, but still – a losing week. Down 38 units for the year.

On to Augusta . . .

Golf season in Delaware officially opens today so naturally it’s windy, rainy and we have a freeze warning in effect for tonite. Welcome to April. This is also the last chance for PGA players to qualify for the Masters with a win at the Texas Open. Hear that Ricky?

As the golf season starts, your Hack will return to blogging about his retired golf life and capturing his adventures on the course. We have some big events coming up, including the DSGA Spring Classic (April 13-14) and the 2021 Hootie (April 17-18). I’ll be playing in the DSGA event with Mr. Robel’ – it’s a 36 hole Net Stableford competition, flighted with 2-man teams. We’re not really sure how that works, but Mike and I are looking froward to the event which will be played at Rehoboth Beach CC and Kings Creek CC.

The Valero Texas Open is the 6th oldest professional tournament in golf world-wide, the 3rd oldest on the PGA TOUR and the longest held in the same city. In 2012, the tournament celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Its list of champions includes some of the greatest names in golf history: Walter Hagen, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer, Ben Crenshaw, Hale Irwin, Lee Trevino, Nick Price, Justin Leonard, Zach Johnson, Adam Scott, Jimmy Walker and 2019 champion Corey Conners, to name a few.

The tournament is played on the Oaks Course, designed by Greg Norman with player consultant Sergio Garcia. I’m sure all we’ll here on the broadcast are tidbits about the relationship between Sergio and Norman’s daughter. Anyway, it’s the last week before the Masters and time to make a comeback. Here’s my card:

KH Lee0.2016000
First Round LeaderUnitsOdds
Top 5UnitsOdds
Top 20UnitsOdds
Tournament MatchupsUnitsOdds
Conners > Ancer1.00-110
Wise > Dahmen1.00-110
HV3 > Putnam1.00-135
Wise > Gmac/Points1.00115
Lewis > McCarthy/Wiesberger1.00200

WGC Match Play Betting Card


Congratulations to Billy Ho for winning the WGC Match Play. Please remind me again why I bet on golf, especially match play golf! Your Hack was crushed yesterday as Kuchar failed to make even one birdie losing to Scheffler and Horschel beat Perez. We were down 17.5 units for the week, losing 14 units on just 3 wagers – Spieth going down to Kuchar, and the two (2) losses yesterday. This brings me down 27.6 units for the year.

I think I’ve proven that I’m not someone to tail when betting golf. Oh well, on to the Texas Open this week and then the Masters the following week. I’m glad this is for fun and not to make a living.

Keep it in the short grass this week. The “official” golf season opens April 1st. Start posting scores and playing real golf.

Final Day:

After Spieth gave away his match to Kuchar, I couldn’t bring myself to bet on any of the Elite 8 matches. I went 3-3 on the Sweet 6 matches, but the 4 unit loss on Spieth was too much.

So we enter the final day with Kuchar v. Scheffler and Perez > Horschel. If anybody could have seen 30th, 31st, 32nd, and 52nd seeds would make to the semi-finals then good for you. I didn’t for sure.

Horschel is too fidgety for me in stressful spots, so I’m taking Perez in their match. He’s playing solid.

Scheffler is a local Texas boy and played lights out this week, but I’m taking the dog in this one. Kuchar is hitting fairways and greens and his putter is hot. He never goes away. Scottie could blitz him this morning with 9 birdies, but I like Kuchar to win the whole thing.

Your Hack is putting 5 units each on Perez and Kuchar.

Sweet 16 Matches:

F*_$ing Sergio taking out Westwood in sudden death with a walk-off hole-in-one.

Not the best day yesterday for your Hack. We went 2-5-2 on Round 3 matches and we only got EVR and Harman into the Round of 16 for our outright. Still EVR is live at +15000 and Harmon at +8000, so yesterday’s 3.1 unit loss is recoverable for sure.

I might be on tilt, but here is my card for the round of 16 this morning:

Sweet 16UnitsOdds
Fritelli > Fleetwood1.00115
Streelman > Horschel1.00110
Harman > Bubba2.60-130
Perez > Macintyre1.00105
Spieth > Kuchar4.20-140
Sergio > Hughes1.55-155

Scrolling down, you will see that Spieth and Rahm are the only players I got through in my original bracket. Homa had a tough knockout loss to Billy Ho. Not to sad as Spieth was my pick to win. Let’s go Jordan.

Round 3 Matches:

We went 1 -2 yesterday with a 1 unit loss. I’m not too concerned as I had bet light. With 2 matches completed in the Round Robin, your Hack has seen enough to go big today. I’m placing a little over 10 units on the following matches and riding a lot of favorites. Kisner & Spieth are looking strong so far, while JT & Reed are looking apathetic. Let’s see how the day goes. Then it’s on to the Round of 16.

Round 3 MatchesUnitsOdds
Oosty > JT1.00115
Fritelli > Zalatoris1.35-135
Si Woo > Rozner1.25-125
Henley > Leischman1.35-135
Scheffler > Zander1.00105
Spieth > Conners1.70-170
Niemann > Reed1.00105
Kisner > Kuchar1.50-150

Round 2 Matches:

Nice start to the match Play for your Hack as we went 4-2-1 in Round 1, up 3.34 units. Smith defeating Lanto was a nice 3 unit win and the tie between Si Woo and Fleetwood left a 2 unit bet safe in my bankroll. Harman did lose to Cantlay 1 down, but I’m going back to him to beat Hideki today. He’s the favorite as Hideki lost 4 and 3 to Ortiz. I’m betting a little lighter today, only risking what I won yesterday and savings some bullets for the round of 16 and beyond.

Round 2 MatchesUnitsOdds
Harmon > Deki1.35-135
Connors > Fitzpatrick1.00100
Rozner > Fleetwood1.00110

The top golfers in the world head to Austin, Texas for the WGC Match Play from Austin CC. The Match Play used to be a single elimination tourney just like March Madness in college basketball but 6 years ago they changed the format to 16 four man groups with the winner of each group moving on to the Round of 16. Austin CC is a Pete Dye design and is a great match play course. Kisner was the last winner (2019) as last year’s tournament was a Covid victim.

Here is your Hack’s card for the Outrights and Match 1 plays:


Cam Smith0.403500
Si Woo Kim0.207500
Van Rooyen0.2515000

Round One Matches:

Round 1 MatchesUnitsOdds
Scheffler > Day1.00-115
Harman > Cantlay1.00110
Kisner > Oosty1.00110
Si Woo > Fleetwood2.00105
Smith > Lanto3.00-135
Zalatoris > Kokrak1.00-120
Ortiz > Hideki1.00115

Just for fun here is my overall bracket in the PGA Tour bracket challenge. I picked from my heart and have Spieth as the overall winner. Just not willing to put money on it!

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The Honda Classic


Crushing Sunday for your Hack. 1-3 in match-ups, Lowry continued to fold after a strong start (see video), and Wise 4-putts his way to a T3 shooting 73, 75 on the weekend to kill my last remaining outright chance. The dude had a 6 shot lead late Saturday afternoon and finishes T13! Congratulations to Matt Jones for overcoming a pairing with the original Human Rain Delay and coming through with a runaway win.

Overall for the week, we ended down 9.27 units, bringing the YTD total to a 10.10 unit loss. Moving on to the Match Play this week in Houston. Remember, golf betting is hard.

Sunday AM Update:

Your Hack was not able to post Saturday, but Friday’s action was terrific. Lowry came through and won his 3-ball for a 5.5 unit win. Unfortunately, he played miserably yesterday and fell from 5th to 18th which doesn’t look good for my outright or top 20 bet on him. I’m going to move off Lowry today and fade him in my match-up bets. Speaking of outrights, I was pumped that Wise jumped into first by a few shots on Friday, only to drop back after a tough day yesterday when Matt Jones regained the lead – by 3 shots no less. I see him falling back today and like C.T. Pan as a live bet at 20-1 to win this. He shot 65 yesterday in tough conditions and I’m putting a 0.50 unit bet on him to win.

I did not wager anything Saturday which was probably good. The wind made for some up and down rounds and only 6 or 7 players were under par.

Today’s final round should be great – more carnage for sure. I still have two (2) players in the top 5, Wise & Tringale, so there is some hope there for consecutive outright winning bets.

Here are my matchups for today’s final rounds:

McGirt (+160) > Schenk – 1 unit

Streelman (-120) > Higgs – 2 units

HV III (+100) > Lowry – 1 unit

Davis (-125) > Hadwin – 3 units

Friday AM Update:

Your Hack was looking good Early Friday afternoon on the “First Round Leader” front with Wise only one shot back. Then Matt Jones went berserk and birdied the last three (3) holes in the Bear Trap to shoot 61 and lead by three. I have to admit, I didn’t see that coming – what a great round.

Stacking on Lowry looks like the right move (at least after one round). He’s tied 6th after a tough day putting and is six (6) shots ahead of Westwood in my tournament matchup bet. In addition to Lowry, we have Henley & Wise tied 2nd, Tringale tied 6th, and Kizzire tied 12th.

I didn’t bet any matchups yesterday, but you Hack is doubling down on the Lowry hunch today putting 5 units on Lowry (+115) over Phil & ZJ in today’s 3-balls. I see Shane continuing his strong play and Zack fading. Phil shot 71 (1 over) on Thursday and is tied 71st – might not make the cut.

PGA National is a par 70, 7,100 yard host to the Honda Classic. Known for the Bear Trap, the field is pretty weak this year as most of the Top 20 players are taking a pass. That’s a shame because this can be a very exciting tournament with traditionally windy conditions on a tough course. Blame the schedule.

Last year’s winner – Im – is hoping for a repeat, but I’m fading him on my betting card. No putter and inconsistent play this year. Berger was my favorite going into the week and I placed a bet on him at +1100, but he announced a last minute withdrawal on Wednesday night citing a rib injury. So, no bet there. We also had three (3) Wd’s this week because of players testing positive for Covid.

Your Hack is hanging his hat on the portly Irishman who happens to love windy conditions and only lives 5 minutes from PGA National – Shane Lowry. I have 0.40 units (+3000) on him to win, 1 unit (+135) to Top 2 and placed 2 units (-145) on him to best Westwood in a tournament match-up. Lowry is also my One and Done pick this week.

Of course, it was St. Patrick’s Day yesterday and Lowry drew an 8AM tee time this morning – what could go wrong?


Berger (Withdrew – no bet)1.501100
K.H. Lee0.159000

First Round Leader:

First Round LeaderUnitsOdds

Top 20:

Top 20UnitsOdds
K.H. Lee1.00300

Tournament Match-ups:

Tournament MatchupsUnitsOdds
Lowry > Westwood2.00-145
Long > Nesmith1.00-135
Ventura > Nesmith1.00135
Streelman > Brandley1.00-115


Here’s What Happens When Your Name is On Your Ball

When I play golf, I use the Titleist Pro v1 golf ball with “Golf Hack” stamped on the ball for identification. As you can see, this can lead to some tricky situations. I got a email last night asking if I lost something yesterday.

One of my “balls” on a neighbors deck?

It turns out that a neighbor had found one of my old balls – stamped with “Golf Hack” in black – in their yard and placed it on another neighbors deck. Your Hack didn’t even play golf yesterday! I guess I have an expectation that people who know me would return the Hack’s golf balls when found. I can assure you they will be found in strange places because, as you know, your Hack favors the “big right miss”.

Found the missing ball . . .

Regular readers will remember that I had a ball mysteriously “disappear” after a beautiful tee shot on #18 a couple of weeks ago. See Where Did the Ball Go? Well, your Hack has an announcement that resolves the mystery. I was playing with the Senator and our Assistant, Ryan on Sunday and we were all looking for Ryan’s tee shot on the same hole that had been pulled left. During the search, another member – Sueann – was walking home from the club and called us over to identify a ball near the cart path just short of the practice putting green. Turns out if was your Hack’s Titleist from a couple weeks back. My “lost” drive had evidently hit the cart path running along the 18th hole and bounded forward about 40 extra yards from where we had been searching at the time. There was a little road rash on the ball to confirm the collision. I’m telling the Voice that I want my money back.

The Bet . . . Almost

I had an interesting email exchange with one of my golfing buddies and a good friend who happens to be 80. He reads by betting blogs and asked what the odds were that he would be able to shoot is age from the Senior (Gold) tees? Your Hack responded that the odds were about the same as me shooting my age (66) from the Tips. The “elderly” gentleman then proposed an even odds bet as to who would be the first to accomplish the goal this year. I accepted but proposed that the wager should be from the modified Black/White tee combination because I do not get to play the Tips very often – most of the guys I play with won’t agree to “play back”. I’m waiting to hear.

Playing Golf in Nice Weather . . .

I’d almost forgotten what it was like to play golf on a dry course, with freshly rolled greens and warm, sunny weather. Like a light switch, southern Delaware spring like weather flicked on this week and your Hack was able to play Wednesday in windy, 68 degree conditions under sunny skies. The superintendent had rolled the greens and it was shocking. I should have spent my warm up time practicing putting to get a feel for the greens rather than mindlessly smashing driver in the hopes of finding a swing.

Playing with Hastings, the Sheriff and the Councilman, I made the turn in 40 after three (3) 3-putts and a ball in the water on #6. I was hitting the ball well, but the flat stick was baffled by the green speed as it took 20 putts to complete the nine. The front was little better with 16 putts, but no birdies on the day. No more 3-putts, but I tried to drive the green on #11 from the front tees that ended with the ball embedded inside the hazard on the right (penalty stroke) and a missed up and down. Another penalty stroke on #17 when I hit my drive into the water (the big right miss again), but I was able to make par by sinking a curling 10 footer. Final result: 6 over with three (3) penalty shots, three (3) 3-putts, 12/18 greens hit, 8/13 fairways hit.

Overall, similar to my previous four (4) rounds since the Cripple Creek reopened after February’s deluge of rain and cold. These were – 75, 72, 76, 73 on a course playing short, with slow greens, preferred lies and a par of 70. I’m really looking forward to April 1st and beginning of the 2021 golf season when we can get back to real golf, eliminate the mats on the par 3’s and #1 and put the flag back on the green on #14. Then I can see if any of the changes I made over the winter will really hold up.

The Masters is only four (4) weeks away and The Hootie is only five (5) weeks away. I’m heading out to play today at 11AM with the boys. Keep it in the short grass.

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The Players Championship


Thank You JT – Well Played

Fairways and greens, just like Hogan. JT salvaged your Hack’s week at the Players Championship by hitting 17 of 18 greens (he missed the 18th by inches), hitting fairways all day, and losing 2 shots to the field putting. Still, his 68 was good enough to overtake Westwood and the Big Bruiser for the win. My early Monday bet at 20-1 paid off – thank you again JT.

Still, your Hack ended the week down 0.57 units mostly due to a 1-7 record on matchup bets. I’ll take a basically breakeven week and move on to the Honda down 0.83 units for the year.

Sunday Update:

Your Hack had a blast yesterday watching Spieth do Spieth things on PGA Tour Live. The best was accidentally hitting into Sabbatini yesterday. “Is that Sabbatini? Oh, God. I couldn’t pick a worse person to hit into.” The conversation was picked up in the “Every Player Live” coverage, but the PGA Tour has scrubbed the video from all social media platforms. Geoff Shackleford explains and has the video – click the link here: The QUAD

Maybe it’s because I lost an hour of sleep last night, but I’m starting to like Westwood more and more. But, at 48 years old, you have to wonder if he can hold off JT, the Big Bomber, Rahm and Sergio today. My money – literally – is on Justin Thomas to win. He birdied the first four (4) holes yesterday and shot 64 to move within 3 shots of the lead. JT is my most “live” early pick at +2000. I’ve also have Kirk in 8th and Si-Woo in 11th. LFG!

Poor Denny McCarthy couldn’t get anything going yesterday until he birdied #11 to give fans of our somewhat local favorite some hope, but in true Hack fashion went on to bogey #12 and #13 and then double #14 to shoot 75 and fall 10 shots back. Bummer!

My late match-up bets ran 1-1 yesterday, but Cantlay’s missed cut added another loss. Your Hack is 1-6 this week in match-up bets, down 6.8 units. Let’s see if we can salvage something today by taking Moore (-115) over Steele, HV3 (-120) over Hadwin, and Niemann (-135) over Todd for 2.5 units each.

Saturday Update:

Another tough day at the Players. Sergio misses a one foot putt, but remains in contention. Some big names, including Rory and Bubba, missed the cut. And, poor Viktor Hovland’s Mom called him from Norway to tell him that he didn’t replace his coin properly when he marked his ball on the 15th hole. He was in the parking lot at the time after leaving the course. Being a dutiful son (and an honorable golfer), Viktor contacted the Tour and after reviewing video, it was found that he moved his mark in the opposite direction of what was required and was hit with a 2 stroke penalty for playing his shot from the wrong place. He wasn’t DQ’d for signing an incorrect scorecard because he unknowingly violated a rule. However, the 2 shot penalty pushed him to +2 for the tournament and the cut was at even par.

Your Hack went 0-2 on his 3-ball wagers which brings us to 0-4 in betting matches this week. Odds have not been posted yet for Round 3 matches as play was called for darkness last night and they have to finish up Round 2 this morning. I’ll be back later with any wagers on today’s matches.

I did place some live outright bets earlier this morning: 0.25 units on Gooch (+4500); 0.25 units on DJ (+4500) and 0.20 units on Frittelli (+6000).

Friday Update:

Hard to believe they couldn’t get the first round completed last night. Also, I really enjoyed the every player/every shot coverage on PGA TourLive. I think I’d pay for that at every tournament.

There was some carnage out there for sure and I wonder how many balls will find the water on #17 today. You gotta feel bad for these Euros, but how about Sergio? Who would have picked him as the first round leader!

Your Hack didn’t get anything out of yesterday’s round. 0-2 on the 3-ball plays and another goose egg on my first round leader bets. No worries though. I’m plunging back in today with a 2 unit bet on Munoz (+125) over Thompson/Gay and 1 unit on Reavie (+135) over Perez/Watson.

Hard to believe it was one year ago that Matsuyama made 9 birdies and led the Players after the 1st round. Of course, the tournament was cancelled when the world freaked out about Covid. As we return to the Players, your Hack and Mrs. Hack have received both vaccine shots, our weather in Delaware has finally turned warm, and golf continues to be played on a regular basis. I’m so excited, I’m using Deki in my One and Done (OAD) this week and I’m putting a few shekels on him as First Round Leader (FRL).

JT is the Hack’s Favorite @ 20-1

I’m lightening up the card this week, initially betting only 8 units to start the tournament. The last couple of weeks have been tough and I want to conserve bankroll. Your Hack likes JT and Finau overall, but also Cantlay. I’ve somewhat hedged my Justin Thomas bet to win with a tournament match-up betting Cantlay over JT. I’ve also returned to three-balls for bets on today’s first round.

The PGA Tour is allowing free access today for the every player, every shot live feed on PGA TOUR LIVE. Here’s the link: Watch Every Shot Live at The Players Championship

Betting Card

First Round LeaderUnitsOdds
Outrights UnitsOdds
Si Woo Kim0.1012500
Tournament MatchupsUnitsOdds
Cantlay> JT1.00-110
Thursday 3-BallsUnits Odds
Redman> Schwatzt/Higgs1.00150
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The Arnold Palmer Invitational

Tournament Recap

This is about all I can say . . . . the Thick Boy wins by 1. They needed a bigger red cardigan! Fun fact: Bryson joins Tiger as the only players to have won a US Open, US Am, Memorial (Jack’s tournament) and Bay Hill (Arnie’s tournament). Nice company.

It was a tough week for your Hack at Bay Hill. 10.8 units lost on outright, Top 20 and first round leader bets only partially offset by 1.8 units won on match-ups bets. The 9 unit loss for the week brings be back to even (actually down 0.25 units) for the year. My best chances this weekend were Hovland and Spieth, but young Hov faded from 3rd to 49th over the weekend and Jordan just couldn’t come through on Sunday as his putting let him down in the final round.

A few friends have been asking me what the size of a unit is in my bankroll. Let me be clear that I bet on PGA Tour golf for fun, not for a living. My total bankroll for golf wagering was 100 units at the beginning of the year. It now stands at 99.75 and I typically bet between 15 and 20 units a week on tournaments. The size of a unit is not really important to disclose just rest assured that your Hack is not going to need to beg, borrow, or steal any money from his friends to cover this disgusting habit.

So, it’s on to the Players Championship this week. After two (2) lowing weeks in a row, a comeback is in the cards.

Round 4 Plays

Two (2) adds this morning early. Casey (-115) over Fitzpatrick and D. Lee (-105) over Todd). Come on Spieth and Hovland, let’s win this thing.

Round 3 Plays

A sweep yesterday as both Casey and Willy Z. came through in their Friday Matches for a smooth 2.1 unit win. Zalatoris also won the tournament matchup against Billy Ho who missed the cut. I’m sticking with Zalatoris (-115) over Fleetwood today and adding Rory (-120) over Hovland and Laird (+115) over Conners. 1 unit on each match.

Your Hack is ready for a weekend sweat with four (4) outrights in the Top 7 after Friday – Hovland (T3), Im (T7), Spieth (T7) and Casey (T7). Also, Werenski (T11) and Fitpatrick (T11) are both within 5 shots of the lead. Of course, Rory is putting like crazy and that’s kind of scary, but I think one of my boys can take down Conners and Laird over the weekend. LFG!

This looked familiar to me and then I remembered that the Senator faced the same situation recently in Florida in a match against the Voice. Small world.

The Senator’s Ball on a Recent Florida Golf Trip

Round 2 Plays

Rory and Corey tied at the top with the Big Bruiser just one shot back. No, he didn’t try to drive the green on the par 5 6th hole, but still might this week. Oosty withdrew about three (3) seconds before the tournament began so it’s a “No Bet” for my outright pick and the tournament matchup versus Jordan. With those bets refunded, I’m adding three (3) more outrights – Casey @ +2500, Werenski @ +25000 and Hubbard @ +30000. Two (2) really long shots at just 0.10 units each and a more conservative bet using 0.50 units.

Your Hack split his Thursday matches with Jordan beating Justin but Reed losing to Hovland. We are coming back today with 2 units on Casey (-135) over Na and 1 unit on Zalatoris (-135) over Jones.

Before I go . . . Is this the coolest man ever?

The API at Bay Hill starts today and here’s my betting card. Before we start, have a look at some very cool technology featuring my boy, Max Homa.

Arnie’s place – Bay Hill – is always one of the toughest courses on the tour rotation and when the wind blows (as expected) there could be carnage. See last year when Hatton won at only 4 under. I’m gonna take a pice of Lord Tyrrell at +1600 to repeat. I’m going a little heavier on outright bets this week with a mix of “Studs & Duds” this week.

Top 10UnitsOdds
Tournament MatchupsUnitsOdds
Hovland > DeChambeau1.00-115
Day > Matsuyama1.00-120
Spieth > Oosthuizen1.00130
Zalatoris > Horschel1.00100
First Round LeaderUnitsOdds
Reed > Hovland1.00-105
Spieth > Rose1.00-115

Weather looks nice again today at Cripple Creek and your Hack is heading out to play a friendly round. Then, it’s back to watch the first round of the API unfold. Good luck everyone.