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What Are the Top Kitchen Trends for 2018?

So, every year, the website Houzz creates a trends report regarding design, kitchens, color, housing and remodeling trends.

You may be thinking of remodeling your kitchen.

Maybe just making minor upgrades.

Or just changing the color and accessories.

I just recently read a report that I would like to share with you on Kitchen Trends for 2018 that will remain trendy at least for the next few years.

First of all, some goals that homeowners are striving for when upgrading their kitchens:

  • Decluttering counters – 75%
  • Putting things away – 65%
  • Recycling bins – 49%
  • More home cooking – 48%
  • Dishwasher – 46%
  • High-end coffee makers – 38%

Refreshing the surface of the countertops was mentioned by 94% of those who responded to the survey.

  • 43% Engineered Quartz
  • 34% Granite

40% wanted to add a kitchen island.

And it’s 50/50 split on whether homeowners opted for a traditional or a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Total kitchen remodeling costs can run up to $40,000 depending on your area of the country.  However, upgrading countertops could cost as little at $3,000 to $5,000.  Depending on the brand, updating appliances averages $3,000.

Some less expensive updates are:

  • Changing countertops only
  • Upgrading faucets and handles
  • Adding a tile backsplash
  • Changing the door style (only the doors and drawer fronts) on the cabinets
  • Changing the sink
  • Changing the lighting fixtures
  • Painting the walls.

Home Improvement stores usually employ kitchen designers who will help you with the process.

In addition, keeping your kitchen on trend will be a huge selling point if you ever decide to sell your home.