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Stockings for Soldiers

Stockings for SoldiersThe Jeff Baxter Mortgage Team is supporting the 11th annual Stockings for Soldiers.  Please see the accompanying list for items that are needed.

We will be accepting donations through this Friday, November 22nd at our offices in the Taggart Professional Building – 32895 S. Coastal Highway, Suite 201A, Bethany Beach, DE  19930.  Call me at 302-542-8250 for more information.

Stockings for Soldiers is a Delaware non-profit corporation and we are serving as a drop point only.  Anything dropped off by Friday will be sent to the non-profits headquarters’ were volunteers will gather to put together the packages for our troops in Afghanistan.

Last year, over 1000 great volunteers helped us to mail out 1,500 boxes packed with over 12,000 homemade, personalized Christmas Stockings that were filled with over 48,000 pounds of Goodies. We also made and shipped 1,200 polar fleece blankets and 500 knitted hats for our troops.

For more information on the Stockings for Soldiers go to http://www.stockingsforsoldiers.org.

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Finding Lost Money

Unclaimed fundsHave you moved and thought you may have left some money stashed away in a savings account?  Or do you think a deceased loved-one had an insurance policy that never got paid?  Maybe even stocks, bonds and retirement accounts?

Here are some website links where you can do your research, and maybe you’ll find your name (or a relative’s name) on the list.

MissingMoney.com – Forgotten bank accounts, stock dividend checks, utility company deposit refunds, etc. (free)

PolicyLocator.com – Life insurance policies that have not been cashed in (costs money)

PBGC.gov – Government website to find unclaimed pensions (free)

UnclaimedRetirementBenefits.com – Government website for unclaimed retirement and 401k accounts (free)

TreasuryDirect.gov – Government website for unclaimed savings bonds (free)


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Why I So Admire This Company

Yesterday in Atlanta, GA, Fairway Independent Mortgage conducted a Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist CE class for over 600 real estate agents.  At the end of the session, there was a special surprise.  We gave away a 100% mortgage free home to a wounded, decorated vet and his family (who are expecting a child).

The best part was that they thought they were there for some type of baby shower gifts!

Wounded Veteran Received Mortgage-Free Home in Atlanta, GA


Gracious Ways to Accept a Compliment

Do you have a tough time accepting compliments?

Most people do have a tough time accepting compliments.

You may have said to yourself at one time or another:

        I don’t like to toot my own horn.


        I’m not the type to brag.


        I don’t deserve it.


      They must be exaggerating.

    They feel sorry for me.

A compliment is a gift. If you don’t accept it, in effect what you are really doing is turning the “gift” down, insulting the person giving it and subtly suggesting that you don’t value their opinion!

Break the habit of self-deprecation and consider doing this instead:

  • A simple thank you will do – Look into their eyes and smile! (Or email Smiley faces)
  • Be appreciative – “I appreciate the compliment, especially from you.”
  • Recognize others – If someone else was involved, mention them too.
  • Ask for advice – “Thank you — and I was wondering if you could help me…”
  • Make a special effort to share your accomplishments – “I’m proud of myself today because…”

The good news is that mastering the art of graciously receiving a compliment helps you become more self-assured. The more self-assured you are, the more compliments you’ll get.

So, let the warm fuzzies begin!

What’s the best compliment you’ve received lately? Let me know if the comments below or on my Facebook page here:  Jeff Baxter Mortgage Team Facebook Page