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Business Planning 2016 – Free Webinar

Business PlanningWe are sponsoring a special commercial-free webinar on November 18. This webinar is focused upon helping those in the real estate industry set up a plan for success in 2016. Whether you are a real estate professional or a loan officer, this program will give help you determine what actions you need to take to achieve your goals. There is a limited amount of seating available and you are invited to register using this link:

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Title: Business Planning 2016

Date: Weds, November 18, 2015

Time: 2:00 to 3:30 pm EST

This year again was one of the most interesting for our industry. We started the year with expectations for higher interest rates, fewer refinances and a reinvigorated housing market. Then reality set in as the long, cold winter started things off slowly and it took months for the real estate markets to get going.

The good news is the slower economy and real estate markets helped keep rates lower than we expected. We end the year with optimism regarding a continued economic recovery which will bolster real estate sales.

Many questions also remain regarding the effects of government regulations and also whether credit standards will continue to ease as they have done slowly this year.

2016 will bring opportunities, but challenges remain. Those who plan for success will lead during the next boom which will invariably come in this very cyclical industry. Too many of us go through life expecting success but not planning for it.

Now, industry expert Dave Hershman will lead us through a very special webinar that is designed to help you build your business plan for next year and beyond. Join us for this session to be presented before and after the Holiday Season which is a time for reflection and planning so that you can make the best of 2016.

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Yes, Time is Precious . . . So Learn How to Manage It

There is no doubt that time is a business person’s most precious resource. In fact, time is everyone’s most precious resource. We never realize how precious time is until we run out of it. George Burns had 100 years, yet he never had time for his final performance.

In our Sales Update, we write about dealing with priorities, the opportunity cost of lost time, spending your time more productively, and other ideas for treating time as a valuable resource.

I hope these two articles help you and your staff better manage your time. 

Time Management Part 1

Time Management Part 2

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More on Planning for 2012 | Effective Phone Skills | Mortgage Rates


In this season of holiday parties, shopping, and decorating, let’s not forget to get our 2012 plans in shape, our strategies thought out and our planned tactics practiced and ready to go.  For the past couple of weeks we talked about Commitment, the Basic Elements of Success, and planning for a Long Term Strategy when managing our businesses.  This week, I want to focus on a basic skill that we all need – effective phone skills.  Yes, even in this day of email, tweets, Facebook posts, and blogs we still need to be more effective over the phone.  Here’s how:


Be More Effective Over The Phone


Mortgage bond prices were slightly higher last week but not enough for mortgage interest rates to see any considerable improvements. Rates came under pressure early in the week as the IMF looked to spend billions of Euros to help stem the debt concerns. Rates bounced back following the Fed meeting Tuesday and stayed relatively in check throughout the rest of the week with choppy but tight trading. The consumer and producer inflation data was mixed with core CPI data slightly higher than expected and core PPI data weaker than expected. The debt auctions generally showed strong foreign demand. Mortgage bonds ended the week better by approximately 1/8 of a discount point.


Mortgage rates held steady for the week at 4% with 0 points.  Very strong borrowers can get 3.875% with up to ½ a discount point.  Here’s the link to my rate sheet online for real estate professionals:  Baxter Rate Sheet


Have a great weekend and never hesitate to contact me if you need something – hit the cell, send an email, pop a text, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.  And, if you need to get a buyer pre-approved?  Just send them to my secure online application – Baxter Online Mortgage Application – Click on “Start Your Application


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When talking with clients, hosting open houses, or just emailing information to them, it often helps to provide a free report or article on a topic that would be of interest to the potential buyer or seller.  I have included below links to Free Reports that you can download, print and mail or fax or just email to your clients and prospects.  I hope you find them helpful.


Here are Free Reports for your clients! 


Buying a Home:

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Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

Common Mistakes Homebuyers Make

How to Buy a Foreclosure

Pre-qualification or Pre-approval

Mistakes to Avoid When Financing Your Home

FHA Financing


Existing Homeowners:

Listing Your Home

Should I Payoff My Mortgage

6 Ways to Ensure a Remodeling Project Pays

Obtaining the Best Appraisal

Homeowner’s Insurance

Reasons to Refinance


Have a GREAT weekend!