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How to Write an “About Me” Bio

The second most widely read page on your website, your social media, your blogs—is your “about me” page. Consumers form an opinion about you (including whether or not to call or email you) based, in part, on whether you are able to relate to them through the printed word.

Here’s a little refresher on what makes up a great bio and an outline to help you tweak the one you already have.

Define Your Target Audience (who do you want this piece to speak to?)
Create Your Wants and Needs List (what do your prospects want to hear and need to know?)
What Stories Relate to Your Wants and Needs List? (your life experience and what sets you apart from others)
What’s In It for Them? (what action do you want the prospect to take after getting to know you through the bio?)
Here’s a suggested outline to follow:
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