First Light Tuesday – Sandy’s Aftermath in Ocean View, DE

Things look ok along White’s Creek in Ocean View at first light. Power stayed on throughout the day and night yesterday. Heading out for a walk around the area to check things out as the driving ban is still in effect.I’m wondering if we can get to the office in Bethany Beach today. I have two settlements scheduled for tomorrow that look like they will have to be postponed for updated inspections since a disaster area was declared.


Sandy Update – Monday Morning – Bethany Beach & Ocean View, DE

After a long night of wind and rain as Sandy approached the DE coast, water continued to pile up in the back bays and rivers near teh coast.  Here is our back yard at 7:15 am Monday morning as we await the high tide at about 8:45 am. 

You’ll also see that one of our neighbor’s big sycamore trees was broken by the winds last night – sad.